Skincare ASMR Soothed My Anxiety And Helped Clear My Acne
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Skincare ASMR Soothed My Anxiety And Helped Clear My Acne

My skin became clear, and so did my consciousness.

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Anxiety and acne have been my biggest bullies for years. They have both traveled with me through the awkward puberty stage, college, and well into adulthood. I’ve separately tried various skincare products and methods to soothe my anxiety, yet nothing seems to work. My internal mental battle consistently manifested itself externally. Having an anxious day fuels my acne, and having acne fuels my anxiety. Eventually, I became fed up and did what any millennial would do—scrolled on social media and tried to filter my problems.

As I scrolled my way into the "Beauty TikTok" hashtag, I found myself becoming overwhelmed by the amount of perfectly pore-less skin beauty gurus I felt I could never amount to. Just as I began to wallow in self-pity, I came across ASMR skincare videos.

The sounds of freshly opened face masks, moisturizers rubbing into the skin, and subtle mouth motions placed me in a deeply relaxed state. I was immediately eager to learn more.


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Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a tingly sensation and often sedative response that begins on the scalp and moves throughout the body. A selection of visuals and audio such as whispering, gentle mouth movements, or sounds from various objects typically encourage a sedative state. The feeling is similar to the one you get while relaxing on the beach while listening to the sounds of the ocean. Another example of a sedative state is the euphoria when someone is gently playing with your hair.

In recent years, ASMR has been gaining attraction, and for great reason. Although experts are beginning to scratch the surface on ASMR and its capabilities, the results are promising. According to a 2018 study, researchers found ASMR can reduce heart rate and promote calmness. A second study also notes ASMR helped their clinical patients sleep, reduce anxiety, relax, and feel comforted. These studies ultimately give us hope that ASMR is more than just a feeling.


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I began incorporating ASMR Beauty TikTok videos into my, well, beauty routine. Every night I would relax to the sweet sounds of skincare products. I immediately began to experience the tingly feelings. The sedative sensations promoted me to a mentally relaxed state.

Soon my racing thoughts slowed down, and I could feel my body from within. I began to notice tense muscles and target anxious areas in my body. I implemented breathwork to combat these areas, and it was the remedy my anxiety needed. Tensing my body with each inhale and releasing with every exhale.

I was finally cleansing my mind and body from the toxins that had been holding me back for years.


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The combination of breathwork and gentle ASMR movements gave me an internal detox that transcended externally. Relaxing my anxious thoughts lowered my stress levels over time. My skin slowly began to transform, but I needed a little extra help with proper products. When I would use ASMR for relaxation purposes, I would take notes on the best skincare solutions for my skin type. Soon, I began implementing face masks, moisturizers, and sunscreens for my anxiety-induced acne.

As time went on, my skin became clear, and so did my consciousness.

While ASMR isn’t a cure for anxiety, it provided me with the all-around clarity I needed. The truth is, there is no “one cure-all method” for mental health. Mental health is a daily commitment to ourselves. It's not about always striving to be the “best version of ourselves,” but the most accepting version of ourselves. We must accept that we're allowed to go through the ups and downs of life.

Most importantly, we must accept that we're deserving of the grace that comes with growth. Practice kindness during your mental evolution and become an observer of yourself in your darkest moments. The light within you will shine again.

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