Jhene Aiko Gave Us A Peek Into Her Daytime Makeup Look & It’s So Freakin’ Effortless

Jhene Aiko Gave Us A Peek Into Her Daytime Makeup Look & It’s So Freakin’ Effortless

Singer and songwriter Jhené Aiko knows how to serve us effortless glam.

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko is the kind of girl that gives you quintessential L.A. vibes — undemanding, carefree, and yet still super put together.

And even though her vocals are really what makes us all swoon, Aiko proves that a smooth and "effortless" look still takes, well, effort.

She spilled her beauty secrets with Vogue, while nonetheless donning a beautiful black kimono and some box braids (with her edges on fleek, y'all). So here's a few things we learned about recreating Jhené's makeup:

First of all, eyebrows are key.

Aiko revealed that it can take her up to 30 minutes to do her eyebrows, which she understands are sisters and not twins. "For me, it's the most important part," she told Vogue as she swiped up throughout the brow with an eyebrow pencil.

Get ya hustle on with the eyeshadows.

Next, she grabbed for her Urban Decay Naked palette, adding some depth to her eyes with a transitional shade just a step or two deeper than her natural skin complexion. Then, she blended "Toasted" and "Hustle" together — both nudes — and swept the shades across her entire crease, as well as underneath the eye.

She took the same pencil for her brows and lined her eyes for some dimension, yasss! Don't be afraid to use the same products in your beauty arsenal to achieve that look you're going for. If you want to play up your eyes, just line them however you feel best. For Jhené, she did a tight line in the inner corner, and then smudged it out on the ends.

Conceal the problems away.

Now, if you thought that celebrities only splurge on expensive beauty products, think again! Jhené reached for that good ole' LA Girl Pro Concealer (which y'all remember was only $3 and a black girl fave) and cleaned up under her eyes. Personal tip, warm up the product on the back of your hand and take a small concealer brush to lightly apply the product.

Oh, and Jhené goes for the beauty blender to blend out her concealer for that au-naturale look.

Go natural with the contour.

She grabs the NARS Sheer Glow (which is a great foundation for building up), and then she dots it on her face and around her eyebrows to clean everything up. So yes, y'all can wear foundation and have it still look completely natural! She then goes in with a bit of contour, and does a pretty chill sculpt. "I like to just follow my natural curves of my face," she said.

Subtle highlights work, too.

Then she took a small, fluffy brush and finished off with her nose, and took her finger and added some highlight definition to the bridge of her nose and under the eyebrow. She went in and set it all with a bit of translucent powder to pull it all together.

She added a collagen-boosting lipgloss, and took a bit of highlight and dabbed it on her cupid's bow (if y'all are trying to get that Rihanna-esque lip, this is a step in the right direction). Finish it off with a little mascara on the edges, and of course, your best pose out the bathroom.

Slay, Jhené! Check out the full step-by-step tutorial below: