Jhene Aiko Says The Status Of Her Relationship With Big Sean Is 'None Of Your Concern'
Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko Says The Status Of Her Relationship With Big Sean Is 'None Of Your Concern'

If you're interested in knowing the tea on what's going on between Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, you can keep sipping, sis, because in a recent interview with ESSENCE, the "Triggered" singer reminded us that her the status of her relationship with the rapper is none of our concern.

Jhené explained that although she is forever here for the fan love, she never really asked our opinion on her love life. She explained:

"The internet has made everyone aware of their opinion. As many people as there are in the world, that's how many opinions there are. If you let that many opinions affect your own opinion, and your own way of looking at things, you're going to be so confused."

You can't pick apples from a banana tree, and you can't always take advice from people that haven't been in your position. According to Jhené, after spending much of her life in the spotlight, she's learned that her opinion is the only one that matters, and this perspective extends to many other areas of the singer's life:

"Whether it be something with me and Sean, or me and my daughter. I just love the feeling of taking that away from people; their need to have to say something or have to give their opinion because I personally have never been that way—well maybe when I was younger, or high or drunk."

The rumored couple became romantically linked after the finalization of her divorce in 2016 from her ex-husband, producer Dot Da Genius, which she later found was a blessing in disguise:

"We never moved in together. That's why when people were like, 'Oh, you left your husband.' I'm like, honestly, Sean is more of a husband as my friend. I didn't really know him…I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time. It was crazy."

Although the couple has been on-and-off for the last year, things are looking pretty on these days. After a recent trip to Disneyland, fans aren't quite sure where they stand, and for Jhené, that's OK. The 31-year-old mother of one said that while songs like "Triggered" and "None Of Your Concern" may tell a small part of her and Sean's story, we should be advised that her songs are in no way a reflection of how she feels about the rapper overall:

"I share about one percent of my whole being with the internet. Even in my songs, that's literally one moment that I'm talking about or when I felt that way. There's so much more to my relationship with my [late] brother [Miyagi], or with my daughter, or with Sean. People hear a song like 'Triggered' and they're like, 'Oh, do we hate him now?' In the grand scheme of things that was like a moment."

In the interview, Jhené also opened up about why she and Sean will always be friends, first, and even revealed the rapper's reaction after hearing her latest project:

"[Sean] was just like, 'Wow, I'm not your friend.' I was like, 'Well, I was feeling that in the moment. This is just a song. This is not 100% about you. Those are the things that I may feel, and I know that they are irrational and coming from just an angry emotional place, but that's what's so beautiful about art is that you can just throw paint on a blank canvas, and do something crazy and that's your release. You didn't hurt anyone, you know? I feel like, especially because we have a personal relationship, and a true friendship, that's why I could play it for him, and be like, 'Yeah, sorry. I kind of went really hard, but don't think that this is a personal letter to you.'"

To read Jhene's full interview, click here!

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