The Best Healing Rituals For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Healing Rituals For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Healing rituals are key to thriving in this human experience. If you are not regulating your emotions, taking the time to process, and giving your spirit time to renew and heal, then you are often carrying emotional heaviness from one experience to the next. Healing rituals are a way to give your mind, body, and soul the attention it needs and craves, and to put yourself in a better position to live your best life. When you take the time to heal within, positive transformations occur without.

The Best Healing Rituals Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to the best healing rituals for your zodiac sign, you want to especially take a look at the element that is more dominant in your birth chart. An earth sign or earth-dominant sign is going to thrive in healing experiences that involve Mother Earth and rituals that get them grounded such as yoga, hiking, placing their bare feet on the Earth, or "earthing." Being out in nature and doing grounding rituals are what best serve them. A fire sign, on the other hand, works well with fire energy such as candles and creativity, and with rituals that get their body moving and energy flowing.

Knowing what works best for you and your emotional and physical experience in life will help you on your healing journey, and below are some healing rituals for your zodiac sign to try sometime. Take what resonates, and listen to the guidance of your soul.

Healing Rituals for Aries

A good healing ritual for Aries involves activity and something to get your energy moving. Going for a hike with a nice view at the end of it is the perfect healing ritual for you. You'll get your exercise and spend time taking your mind away from anything heavy by being in the moment. Since you are a goal-oriented sign and flow well with things that make you feel more accomplished, taking a scenic hike is the perfect experience for you to unwind and connect with the body.

Healing Rituals for Taurus

A guided meditation in mother nature would serve a Taurus well. As an earth sign, the best healing rituals for you involve being in nature. Just breathing that air and having your feet touch the earth is a healing experience in and of itself, but doing something like meditation or yoga in this atmosphere is even more transcendent. Allowing your body to ground itself with Mother Earth, feeling your connection to all that is, and breathing fresh air is a good setup to heal. As a Taurus, you should get outside for your healing rituals.

Healing Rituals for Gemini

A Gemini’s healing journey involves releasing any clutter in the mind. As a Gemini, you need space to mentally decompress and get what you are feeling or thinking out. You don't hold things in, but if you are hurting that bad, you will carry a lot of that within out of fear of being too deep or vulnerable with others. A good healing ritual for Gemini is to talk to a friend, family member, therapist, or confidant who will give you the floor and allow you to release without judgment or interruption. Healing for you is about letting go.

Healing Rituals for Cancer

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A relaxing, candlelit bath is a healing ritual that serves Cancer well. Healing for you is about taking the time to regulate your emotions, coming back to your center, and feeling a sense of calmness in your life. Being a water sign, rituals that involve water energy are fulfilling for your soul. Add in some of your favorite crystals, flowers, essential oils, a book, or some relaxing music, and you are set for a healing and therapeutic experience. Your healing ritual should involve something that allows your emotions to flow, and a space where you feel safe, like your home.

Healing Rituals for Leo

Healing for Leo is all about getting back to feeling like themselves again. Oftentimes when you feel the need to heal or get back to your center, it’s coming from a place of feeling outside of yourself or not connected to who you are. A healing experience and ritual for Leo would be to stand in front of a mirror and repeat “I love you” or other motivating daily rituals every day. Being face to face with yourself and looking at the reflection before you helps you tap into the depths of your soul, and is a space to give yourself the utmost love.

Healing Rituals for Virgo

A good healing ritual for a Virgo would be to go to a flower market or connect with the healing energy of the flowers. Flowers exude an energy of beauty, healing, softness, allowing, forgiveness and love. The saying “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses,” is perfect for a Virgo as you can get so lost in the details and the day-to-day that you forget to be in the moment and sit in gratitude with what is. You can connect with the healing energy of flowers by creating a bouquet, taking a bath with flowers, lighting a candle surrounded by your favorite flowers, putting flower essence essential oils on, being around flowers, and quite literally smelling the roses.

Healing Rituals for Libra

Drinking tea is a special healing ritual for Libra. Tea is calming, tea is peaceful, and tea is also great to have over a conversation, which is also another healing ritual for Libra. Some cultures and practices even use the leaves of tea as a way to do readings and foretell the future. Not to mention the health benefits of drinking tea for the body, a simple cup of tea is the perfect ritual for Libra to enjoy something nice for themselves and allow your thoughts to catch up with your body. A Libra can tend to be focused on things that are happening outside of themselves, and enjoying a nice cup of tea can be the perfect healing ritual for Libra to take a moment and find your balance again.

Healing Rituals for Scorpio

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Healing for a Scorpio is a deep and transformative experience. Your life is all about evolving on your journey, and you tend to come out of tough experiences in an even better position than before. You take your healing and personal evolution seriously, but you also tend to be a sign that bottles up all of your emotions before it’s too late. A good healing ritual for a Scorpio involves acts of letting go. On a Full Moon, a Scorpio should write down all of the things you are looking to let go of. Write down emotions, past experiences, negative people, and old objects of affection that are now a sour memory. Then get a white candle and burn the piece of paper (safely) while focusing on lovingly letting go of those things.

Healing Rituals for Sagittarius

Reading a book, creating art, or journaling your thoughts are all good healing rituals for Sagittarius. Creating something out of nothing gets you in an enlightened and joyful mood, and brings the right circumstances for inner clarity. Even healing for Sagittarius needs to be a fun experience or you will get bored and try something else. Putting a whole bunch of colors before them, a pen and paper, or an enticing book, allows Sagittarius to remember the bigger picture and allow enough space from your challenges to believe in something better.

Healing Rituals for Capricorn

Shadow work is a beneficial healing ritual for Capricorn. Now, shadow work is serious business and requires you to get very real with yourself, but this sense of straight-to-the-point, let’s get to the bottom-of-it attitude involved in shadow work is perfect for an earthy Capricorn. Shadow work can be done through meditation or with someone licensed in the work, and by working with your unconscious mind to uncover repressed emotions, past trauma, or aspects of yourself that you keep hidden. This is a very healing and cathartic experience, but as with all spiritual awakenings, there is an aspect to it that can feel uncomfortable as well. There are different approaches to shadow work, and it's about finding out what works for you here.

Healing Rituals for Aquarius

A good healing ritual for an Aquarius would be to pull an oracle card for spiritual guidance or to get an oracle card reading. Oracle cards are different from tarot cards as you tend to be a lighter experience, and you are also more about giving divine guidance rather than foretelling the future. Not only do you get to recognize how strong your intuition is in the process, but it also helps you remember that life is so much bigger than a lot of things that get us tied up.

Healing Rituals for Pisces

A good healing ritual for a Pisces is to do an energy cleanse. You tend to carry a lot of the emotions and experiences of others in your auric field, as you are a highly compassionate and intuitive soul and pick up on a lot. You should take energy clearing and healing very seriously in your life, and always make sure you are clearing your energy. Burning incense, rosemary, cedar, and juniper is a way to cleanse the body. You can also visualize a white healing light surrounding your body.

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