Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals What She Will Miss Most About 'Black-ish'

It's so hard to say goodbye.

Tracee Ellis Ross

After eight seasons, Black-ish is officially coming to an end. The beloved sitcom that starred Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson, Yara Shahidi and more will premiere the final season, which has been dubbed “The Farewell Season” on Tuesday, Jan. 4 on ABC. In the meantime, the actors have been reminiscing about special moments on the show and what they will miss.

Tracee gushed to ET about her on-screen family who she looks at as her real family and what she will miss the most.

"I think I’m just going to miss the kids and Anthony," Tracee said. "The kids have just become these beautiful human beings. It was an honor when we started, they were so talented. But they've become family."

It appears her co-stars feel the same way. Anthony Anderson echoed the same sentiments when he shared a video of them together on Instagram looking back at their first audition. In the caption, he wrote that he knew that Tracee would be his “Rainbow,” which is Tracee’s character’s name on the show.

“I knew from the moment we started that she would be my Rainbow! And she has been just that! A Rainbow! I have never felt the freedom I felt working alongside Tracee. A freedom to try anything on stage. A freedom to fly! A freedom to just be me!” he wrote.

And in typical Tracee fashion, the veteran actress revealed the one thing she took from the set with her. "Took some clothes. Walked out with my wardrobe as much as I could get," she said.

But while “it’s so hard to say goodbye,” Black-ish is going out with a bang. Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be guest-starring in the season premiere of the final season.

The press release for the show states that Michelle Obama will show up at the Johnsons' home for the “When We All Vote” fundraiser to their surprise.

Now that’s how you end a series!

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