These Products Will Help You Create The Ultimate Spa Day At Home

These Products Will Help You Create The Ultimate Spa Day At Home

Spa days are the perfect hack to center ourselves. Our serotonin levels skyrocket almost instantly when we enter a nail or beauty salon. We soon return to our confident selves, ready to face the world again. Unfortunately, regular salon and spa visits can have a serious impact on our bank accounts. Maintenance treatments can cost us hundreds of dollars a month, nearly becoming a bill we can barely keep up with. Most of us ask if there is a way we can be our fabulous selves without paying for a costly maintenance experience.

At-home spa experiences are becoming increasingly popular due to inflation. Creating a spa space in your home can be cost-effective, customizable, and overall more convenient. A one-time purchase of various spa items can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in one year. Freeing up your bank account to enjoy other self-care pleasures like vacations or going out to eat with friends - someone’s gotta see that fresh pedicure, are we right? If you’re looking to take the leap by getting your own spa equipment, here is a guide of items that could help you get started.

​1. Steamer

Whether for a deep conditioning treatment or a facial, a steamer is essential to start your spa experience. Amazon has a great selection of steamers, like this one, starting from only $27. A basic facial package at a spa will cost you double the price of buying your own steamer. Although some steamers will claim to be for face or hair, there are plenty of videos online of women using their steamers for more than one use.

Enjoy a steamer penetrating your pores, or turn around and use it to give your hair more life. It’s important not to get too close to the item when using it for your face. Be sure to keep yourself at a fair distance to prevent any burns.


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​2. Gel X Nail Set

Gel X nails have become increasingly popular for their natural aesthetic. A classic Gel X manicure can cost you about $70 per appointment. Depending on how long your nails last, this can add up to about $140 a month before tip if you visit the salon biweekly. You can purchase your own at-home equipment for the same price as a Gel X manicure set. Aprés sells their Neutrals Gel X Nail Extension Kit Duo for $70. You can create your customizable nail kit by selecting nail colors, shapes, and sizing options.


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3. ​Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are the most underrated part of the spa experience. Scents like lavender can instantly relax us after a stressful week, while peppermint can be a great way to feel energized. Setting up an oil diffuser in your home can help you create the mood you’re trying to achieve. This ceramic diffuser can satisfy any home aesthetic and make your space smell like your favorite local spa. Purchase your favorite essential oil from BLK + GRN. The Black-owned marketplace offers a variety of all-natural essential oils and candles if oil diffusers are just not your thing.

​4. Face Mask

Would it really be a spa day if there wasn’t a face mask involved? Taking care of our skin can be the confidence boost we need to get through the week. However, not all face masks are created equal. We must be selective about what we put on our faces because, well, it’s our face. Natural face masks can be a safe way to give your skin the deep pore spa experience your skin needs. Buttah by Dorion Renaud offers an all-natural charcoal detox face mask to give your pores a fresh start. One use of this will have you feeling like you just came out of a top-notch facial appointment.

​5. Massage Tools

Booking a massage is a luxury everyone deserves. Physical touch can heal us in ways we didn’t know we needed. Hiring an at-home masseuse is an option if you’re craving physical touch; if this doesn’t align with your budget, purchasing massage tools can also be a great option. A stressful work week can give us tension in our neck and back, leading to discomfort. This neck massager can smooth out all the tension from that triggering work project. Relax on your couch and let the magic of the massager do all the hard work for you.

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