Take My Money: Rihanna Swears By This $32 Eye Cream To Look Well-Rested
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Take My Money: Rihanna Swears By This $32 Eye Cream To Look Well-Rested

"Y'all already know I never sleep."


Everyone trying to get rid of dark and puffy under eye bags, come on in here, we got some good stuff to talk about. OK, so it's safe to say not a lot of us are feeling particularly well-rested these days. Outside is (kinda) open, we're still overworked and operate on a 'sleep when I die' mantra, and it feels like it's been 2020 for like 10 years. So, it goes without saying that we could all use some tranquility, I believe the Boomers called it 'rest' once upon a time.

But for some of us, rest isn't always immediately possible. And back in February, our sis, Rihanna decided to do something about it.

In fact, Rihanna, she summoned her billion-dollar company to handle the problem directly. Fenty Beauty has released "another baddie for your skincare collection" that our good sis swears by, as she says it will instantly cool and soothes your skin.

She took to Twitter to reveal exactly what that baddie is: her Instant Revival Eye Gel cream from Fenty Beauty called Flash Nap. Of the product, she said:

Basically, Flash Nap is a two-in-one eye cream and concealer primer that wakes up our tired-looking eyes by covering puffiness and dark circles. And thanks to its additions of inflammation-reducing horse chestnut, hydrating hyaluronic acid, Persian silk tree, and antioxidant green tea, that will help you "fake a nap" by brightening and reducing the puffiness of the skin around your eyes. And if you're like me and prefer the actual nap, for those moments where I can't lay down, this $32 cream is slated to do the trick. Rihanna continued:

"I wanted to create the perfect starter eye cream — with easy-to-use packaging, a formula that would tackle puffiness and dark circles, and work really well with makeup to look fresh all day. It had to feel lightweight, soothe the skin, and revitalize — and let me tell you, IT DOES."

Rihanna has done plenty skin and face tutorials in the past, and showing off her glowing features. She tells Vogue:

"As an Island girl, I've had had a lot of access to key ingredients that work really well for your skin. I might've just thought [of it as] a fruit I was eating, but these things that we have access to everyday implement great results on your skin. A lot of them are personal to me, but I know that these ingredients work, and so I try to pack as many of those into these products as much as possible."

Have you taken a 'Flash Nap?' Let us know how it worked for you!

Featured image by Samir Hussein/WireImage

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