10 Pride Month Hair Looks That Gave Us Our Entire Lives

10 Pride Month Hair Looks That Gave Us Our Entire Lives

Sadly, Pride Month is coming to a close soon, but that doesn't mean we will forget that ALL Black love matters. Your sexual orientation and romantic interests shouldn't be a death sentence, but as a Black person living in America, this simply isn't the case. As women like Dominique "Rem'Mie" Fells and Riah Milton go from living their lives to becoming viral hashtags, we can't forget that until we are all free, none of us are and it's important that we should pull up for all of our brothers and sisters in the fight for equality.

Between a global pandemic and 400+ years of racial disparity unfolding before our very eyes, it's safe to say that June has been one helluva year and although outside is still pretty much canceled nationwide, celebrities and influencers alike have found a way to support the movement in the most creative ways.

Earlier this month, our good sis Megan The Stallion popped out at the L.A. Black Pride Parade, where she debuted a look that proves that extra is always enough. With tresses dyed pink, purple, green and blue, the rapper paid homage to the LGBTQ+ community with her own version of the rainbow. She wrote on Instagram:

"Today was a good day #allblacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter."

No matter who you love, love is love. And I love love. The only thing I love more than love is a popping color treatment on melanated skin and for Pride Month, these ladies gave us all the inspiration we needed to go bold and stay home.

Scroll below for 9 Pride Month hair looks that gave us our entire lives:


Featured image by Instagram/theestallion.



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