The Classic Monochromatic Manicure Saturating Our Feeds
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The Classic Monochromatic Manicure Saturating Our Feeds

Why is it that when we discuss monochromatic looks, we often leave out the most iconic monochromatic look of them all: black and white? Since the invention of the color wheel, the most popular color combination is highly debated whether to consider black and white a monochromatic look. But even if the scientists and artists can't agree, that doesn't stop black and white nails from saturating our summer feeds.

From simplistic designs to graphic prints to classic patterns, the limit does not exist for how many ways you can incorporate this monochromatic look.

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As I move through life and experience different highs and lows, one thing that has become increasingly clear is the importance of self-love and self-worth. Now, I’m not saying it’s always easy, but I do feel like if it’s in a good place, people experience life more fully. And when it comes to love, my friend Amanda Wicks and her husband, Will Ford, are the perfect example.

Amanda may not remember this, but years ago, on one of her many visits back to Atlanta (we both went to Clark Atlanta University), she sat across from me at a dinner table and declared she was done looking for love. She was happy with who she was, and while she still desired it, it was no longer something she was chasing. “If it happens, it happens,” she said. The statement was so bold it made me quickly reroute our usual dating story catch-ups and awkwardly move to a different topic.

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I’m not a fan of casual sex. One reason is because I used to participate in it with several guy friends, and it can come with challenges and complications that you can seriously underestimate…until it’s too late. Another reason is that I know what casual means, and I have no desire, these days, to participate in random, apathetic, and careless activities.