Michelle Williams Says The Key To Her Youthful Skin Is Eating Bell Peppers 'Like Apples,' Here's Why
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Michelle Williams Says The Key To Her Youthful Skin Is Eating Bell Peppers 'Like Apples,' Here's Why

Grammy award-winning singer, actress, and author Michelle Williams recently revealed the unconventional way she maintains her ageless appearance.

Unlike many celebrities who follow a strict skincare regimen with various products, the 43-year-old credited bell peppers for the secret behind her youthful glow. Williams shared this revelation as she appeared on The Terrell Show, discussing her personal life, Destiny's Child, and solo career achievements.

In the June interview, the "Say Yes" vocalist disclosed that she eats bell peppers regularly because they contain a lot of water.

"Okay, this is no lie. I literally eat bell peppers like they're apples. You know how much water is in a bell pepper... It's so good," she said while mentioning her favorite bell pepper to munch on. "The red ones are the sweetest. I eat them like apples. I don't put nothing on them. They're so good."

Healthline reports that bell peppers retain 92% of water. Further into the conversation, Williams added that even with her busy schedule and needing to travel, she prioritizes getting some bell peppers by having them delivered to her hotel room.

Although the Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story star didn't expand on if she uses any skincare products, she did, however, list wine as another factor that has helped contribute to her ageless appearance.

With Williams' recent admission, xoNecole has uncovered three skin benefits one could attain if they add bell peppers to their diet.

Benefits To Eating Bell Peppers 

Vitamin C and Collagen 

According to Healthline, red or yellow bell peppers have "the best sources of vitamin C." This particular vitamin is used to create collagen, a protein that keeps an individual's skin "firm and strong" by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.

Vitamin A

Healthshots reported that red bell peppers also have a high source of Vitamin A. Consuming a good amount of red bell peppers helps "prevent sun damage" by delaying collagen's breakdown process. At the same time, vitamin A moisturizes, prevents breakouts, and repairs damaged skin by "speeding up" the healing process.


Healthshots also claimed that regularly consuming red bell peppers benefits one's skin health because it contains capsanthin, an antioxidant that stops "UVA and UVB damage." Other advantages include preventing "early signs of aging" and "strengthening" one's skin's "reparative abilities."

With this information, it seems like it's time to switch up our eating habits and maybe add a few bell peppers in the mix if we too, want to age gracefully like Michelle Williams.

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