Michelle Williams On The Downfall Of Her Past Relationship After Initially Wanting To Be A Symbol Of Hope: ‘It Turned Into Something Else’
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Michelle Williams On The Downfall Of Her Past Relationship After Initially Wanting To Be A Symbol Of Hope: ‘It Turned Into Something Else’

Michelle Williams was recently on The Terrell Show, and she dished on many topics, such as her first meeting with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland before becoming the new member of Destiny’s Child to her gospel music journey and mental health.

However, when they got on the topic of love, the Grammy award-winning singer revealed that she prefers keeping her love life private. “I will never disclose that information ever again,” she said. If you can recall, Michelle was once engaged to pastor Chad Johnson, and in 2018, they had a reality show, Chad Loves Michelle, on the OWN network.

However, the show only lasted one season due to their breakup, and at that time, the “Say Yes” singer fell into a deep depression and checked herself into a mental health facility.

While talking to Terrell, Michelle admitted that she felt compelled to share her and Chad’s story, as many people saw her as a symbol of hope. “The purpose was to give hope because I saw a lot of comments like, ‘Michelle, you’re the last one to get married.’ ‘Did you ever think it would happen for you?’ She explained, “Or people that were older, in their late 30s, early 40s, 50s, 60s, who hadn’t been married yet, who had never been engaged as well and I thought I was giving hope.

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“I thought we were giving hope to people, but it turned into something else. I won’t ever do anything like that [again]. I think y’all would see me pregnant with a stroller or something before y’all even know. Be like, is she pregnant? She got married?” She joked.

As she continued, she recognized that she should have approached things differently. “That was a mistake, and I own that.”

Michelle also revealed that she had been suffering from depression since the 7th grade, but wasn't clinically diagnosed until she was in her 30s. Since her diagnosis, the “Heard a Word” artist has become a mental health advocate and even wrote about her journey in the book Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved My Life. Michelle’s podcast, Checking In with Michelle Williams, is also about mental health.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS Sings Her Iconic Bridges and Talks Her Relationship With Beyoncé and Kelly Rowlandyoutu.be

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