Big Sean Reminds Fans To Take Care Of Themselves Amid Mental Health Awareness Month
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Big Sean Reminds Fans To Take Care Of Themselves Amid Mental Health Awareness Month

Rapper Sean "Big Sean" Anderson is inspiring his fans to prioritize self-care through a timely reminder conveyed in a tweet.

This message comes when the 35-year-old's passion for mental health is at an all-time high. Over the years, Anderson has openly discussed his mental health struggles in various interviews, and his music, especially in his last album, "Detroit 2," released in 2020.

Anderson's drive to inform those about the importance of one's well-being ran so deep that the "Wolves" lyricist, alongside his mother, Myra Anderson, would create a nonprofit organization called the Sean Anderson Foundation to provide "academic and wellness resources" for the youth. To date, the father of one continues to demonstrate his commitment to raising awareness about mental health by intentionally sharing his recent tweet during Mental Health Awareness Month

Big Sean On Why It's Important To Take Care of Oneself 

In the May tweet, Anderson offered advice to many individuals that may feel "stressed" or "overwhelmed" due to their busy schedules.

The "Body Language" emcee told his millions of followers that although their work-life balance may be a bit hectic, it is essential to take care of themselves during those moments and to think about the stress they would have endured without those work responsibilities. Anderson wrote,

"To everybody stressed the f--k out or overwhelmed cause y'all busy… just remember, It's much more stressful when things AREN'T happening versus stress bc they are. Ok, back to work… but take care of you too."

Big Sean On His Past Mental Health Struggles

This isn't the first time Anderson has spoken about caring for oneself.

During a past interview with People magazine, the "I Know" rapper revealed when he realized that he had to step back to recuperate. In a 2020 discussion, Anderson disclosed that his mental health started declining because he failed to take a break and was constantly creating scenarios about certain situations, ultimately leading to his anxiety and depression.

"You just have to pace yourself and take a break before you need a break. It gets very real, especially with a person like me. I live inside my head so much," he said. "I go over scenarios and I go over two or three things at the same time, and that creates an overwhelming feeling and a lot of anxiety, which leads to depression, which leads to all these things."

Anderson would add that after finding the tools, including therapy, to combat his depression and anxiety, he's learned "how to pace" himself during his low moments "as opposed to before" when he didn't have the proper guidance.

"I had to learn how to pace myself. Not to say I still don't go through those things, I definitely do. It's just, now I know how to deal with them. I know how to get through them easier and I know what it is [I'm dealing with]," he stated. "As opposed to before, when I was confused on why I was feeling like that, because nobody ever talked to me about it."

Anderson wrapped up his remarks by encouraging others to prioritize themselves and their mental health because when he finally did it, he started "feeling better" and "looking better."

"I'm putting myself as a priority and that really, really speaks volumes. When you do that, you start looking better, and you start feeling better, and being better in everything you do. So, it's important," he said.

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