Lori Harvey Says This Is How She Keeps Her Body Strong & Toned
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Lori Harvey Says This Is How She Keeps Her Body Strong & Toned

Lori Harvey has been the talk of the town since confirming her relationship with Michael B. Jordan in early 2021. And though she has since made a name for herself as an individual with the help of the successful launch of her skin care brand SKN by LH, she has also become known for her body. Lori even went viral recently after putting the TikTok girlies on game when she revealed the secret to her Met Gala abs was consistent Pilates.


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In a response video to her becoming a viral TikTok sound, Lori revealed that she gained 15 pounds of love weight at the beginning of her relationship with the Without Remorse actor. In her TikTok, the beauty entrepreneur answered the question on a lot of people’s minds of how she got her body to where it is now. “I’ve been consistently doing Pilates for the last year. I’ve done it for a few years, but I’ve been consistently doing it for a year,” she said.

“When I was trying to drop weight, I was working out like five, six times a week and I would even do, like, for the first month and a half, I think I did two-a-days. So, what I would do was, I was in a calorie deficit. I think I was maybe consuming like 1200 calories in a day max and I wasn’t on a specific eating regimen. I just was trying to do meat and veggies and minimal carbs.” She also noted that she would run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and do outdoor activities such as hiking.


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When she shared her video on TikTok, she gave fans a fair warning as a pinned comment. “Before y’all start your s—t this is what worked for me and MY body. Everyone is different so tailor your needs to meet your goals.” However, the model faced backlash on Twitter after many people suggested that her weight loss routine was problematic. While you should do what’s good for your body, it should be noted that, according to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, adult women should consume 1600-2400 calories a day.

Pilates is also a great workout as it strengthens your body and targets your core muscles. The 25-year-old founder spoke about Pilates in a past interview with makeup artist Patrick Starrr and how intense it was for her and Michael. “When I started Pilates he was like, ‘Oh okay that little workout you doing is not that serious,’” she said. “I was like, ‘No, this is the most intense workout I’ve ever done in my life.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, yeah whatever.’”

She continued, “I was like, ‘You should just come with me and see.’ He was like, ‘Okay.’ When I tell you he died, he died and had so much interest in it after that. He was like, ‘Oh, okay this is different.’ He was like, ‘I feel muscles that I’ve never used before.’ And like he’s muscular, he works out, he’s in the gym… He went for a couple weeks with me until he had to start back filming again.”

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