Lizzo Is Distancing Herself From Negativity On Social Media
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Lizzo Is Distancing Herself From Negativity On Social Media

“It's been very difficult because I just feel I can't escape it."


Lizzo has faced a lot of criticism since her ascension in music and she is over it. The “About Damn Time” singer has dealt with online hate simply because of how she looks and she has reacted to the hate in the best way by continuing to be herself. The more hate she receives, the more we see Lizzo unapologetically sharing photos and videos of her body on social media.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Lizzo opened up about the negativity surrounding her appearance.

"I've noticed that once people knew who I was, because before it was discovery, it was like, 'Who is this? Who is that?'” She said. “And then once people knew who I was and it became kind of solidified, they became more comfortable with using me as some sort of punchline or joke or immediately they want to criticize whatever I'm doing because there's levels to me that they don't accept."

The 34-year-old started gaining traction with her hit single “Truth Hurts” and her fame skyrocketed. She then dropped her 2019 album Cuz I Love You which showed Lizzo naked on the cover.

She continued, "So I've found that I'm always going to receive some sort of backlash or criticism whenever I put myself in a public space, just because of who I am and the way I choose to exist."

And while she has had some low moments, such as crying on Instagram Live due to the harsh criticism she has received about her body, she is now trying a different approach. "I'm trying to distance myself from even looking at those people and reading those comments,” she said. “It's been very difficult because I just feel I can't escape it."

The Grammy award-winning artist is readying for her next album Special which is set to drop Friday and a tour in which she will be going on with Latto.

Watch the full interview below.

Lizzo - Zane Lowe & Apple Music ’Special' Interviewwww.youtube.com

Featured image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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