Who Is Myke Wright? What We Know About Lizzo's New Boyfriend

Who Is Myke Wright? What We Know About Lizzo's New Boyfriend

They say it ain’t real until you post your boo on social media or, in this case, flaunt them on the red carpet. Lizzo hit up the red carpet for her Amazon Prime Series Watch Out for the Big Grrrls with her boyfriend Myke Wright by her side. She shared photos of the twosome on Instagram with the caption “Ima boss ass b–h, b–h, b–h, b–h, b–h, b–h, b–h💅🏾 #FYC” which are lyrics from the 2014 song by PTAF. The “Good As Hell” singer looked pretty in pink while her beau looked dapper in an all-black suit.

But who is Myke Wright? Before confirming their relationship, Lizzo would tease photos of him on social media being sure not to show his face and paparazzi have often caught them together dining out. In April, she stopped by Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM radio show Radio Andy where she confirmed she was in a relationship.

The couple met in 2016 when they both were co-hosting MTV’s Wonderland music series. Keep reading for more of what we know about Myke.

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Myke’s a Designer

Myke has shared many of his designs for his company on social media. In a June 2020 post, he posted a concept for abandoned gas stations for the Detroit fashion brand EMLE. In the caption, he wrote, “I would love to transform abandoned gas stations into experimental, convenient shopping experiences for the community✨ Introducing the EMLE Shop: Quick Kiosks + Store Front | designed by Myke Wright for @emle_87 |.” According to VoyageLA, he also founded a design and innovation company called ümi.

Myke Was In an All-Black Rock Band

In the same VoyageLA interview, Myke revealed that he and his friends formed an all-Black rock band in high school called They Grey Level and later an alternative hip hop group called Phresh Heir. “We didn’t feel like our music was Black or white. Our music was a mix of everything we liked and had fun sharing with people,” he said. “It was authentic and people connected with it.”

Myke is a Comedian

Lizzo’s boo is also a stand-up comedian and has appeared on a few TV series and shorts such as Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus, Adam Devine’s House Party, We the Internet TV, and MTV’s Wonderland. He actually moved to Los Angeles from Detroit in 2012 to pursue his comedic career. Comedy Central has a few clips of his stand-up on its YouTube page.

Myke Seems to be a Private Person

There’s not much information about the comedian besides his IMDB page and a VoyageLA interview. He’s also not that active on social media, especially in comparison to his famous girlfriend. His Instagram posts are scarce but he has recently begun sharing images of himself.

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