Lizzo Says "Truth Hurts" Was Inspired By A Voicemail Breakup

Lizzo used a moment that may have broken some people as an opportunity to level up her entire life.


Three years ago, I would have never believed the most traumatic breakups of my life would lead to one of the most revolutionary glow ups of all time. The year was 2016, the man that I thought I would marry would no longer answer my calls, and my vision of happily ever after had been torn to shreds. I was convinced that my heart had been broken beyond repair and wanted nothing more than to go back to the way life was before our relationship ended. Little did I know, my life without him would be lit beyond my wildest imagination.

While I was under the impression that the end of my relationship meant the end of the life I had envisioned for myself as I knew it, it was really the beginning of a brand new chapter. I stand before you today as 100% that bitch, grateful for the breakup that didn't break me, and Lizzo says she can totally relate.

This week, the singer's viral single, "Truth Hurts" officially became the longest-running Billboard Hot 100 song by a solo female rapper in history, but according to Lizzo, the day she recorded the song, she was in no mood for the studio. After being dumped by an ex in one of the most disrespectful ways possible, the 31-year-old singer used a moment that may have broken some people as an opportunity to level up her entire life. She told Billboard:

"I wrote 'Truth Hurts' two years ago. First of all, I didn't go to the studio. I was so upset and depressed and sad. In the voicemail, which I guess his ex at the time made him leave me, he said 'Hey don't call me anymore, don't hit me up. I'm getting back with my ex.'"

He could've had a bad b*tch, but instead, he left her a voicemail that would help her write the hit that would launch her career and change her life forever. In an intense venting session with her producer, Lizzo, who has now mastered the art of identifying a f*ckboy at first sight, says that she used her pain to write the song that would ultimately propel her into stardom:

"I don't know what type of magical honey was in my throat when I woke up that morning, but shit, every mother--king thing I said was the goddamn song!"

Lizzo originally released the song in 2017, and although it gained local buzz, the single didn't officially catch fire until this year and the singer couldn't be more proud:

"Now the whole world found it. It's a hit record, baby. That's how hit records are made. They're made from the heart. They're made from tears. They're made from fears. And they're made from happy endings."

The "Truth Hurts" singer may still have boy problems, it's the human in her, but on Instagram, Lizzo said that if she could give one piece of advice to her younger self, it would be this:

"If this lil Lizzo only knew all that she would accomplish when she picked up that flute, or wrote songs in her room, or forced her friends to make girlbands... it's just so humbling to know it was all worth it. Don't run away from what your heart wants. Follow that bitch to your destiny."

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