Got Clutter? Marie Kondo Your Life With These Tidying Hacks

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Marie Kondo, 34-year-old expert organizer, and creator of the KonMari tidying method is solid proof that not all heroes wear capes.

Author of the best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and mother of two, Marie proves that sometimes big changes can come in small packages. Collectively, her four books have sold millions of copies and has been published in more than 30 countries. The tiny powerhouse released the Netflix series Tidying Up in January, which has since made her methods viral and even more accessible to those looking to define what's really important in their lives.


Marie's method is simple. If something in your home doesn't spark joy, you should get rid of it, but keep in mind that everything you keep should have a designated place. Marie follows a step-by-by step tidying method that if done correctly, will work every time. First clothes, and then books, papers, miscellaneous things, and finally sentimental items. Since the release of her special, studies report that sales of shredders and organizing supplies have grown dramatically, proving that tidying up isn't just a boring weekend chore, it's a significantly more functional way of life.

I learned about Marie after falling into a five-hour Netflix hole one morning at 5 a.m. and I was instantly captivated. Although it's important to me that I keep my spaces clean, I am in no way a "tidy" person. My living space is a reflection of my mind most times: cluttered, anxious, and overwhelmed. Sometimes it feels better to look at my mess rather than muster the courage to clean it up, but with Marie's help, I've definitely had a shift in paradigm.


For me, I normally have to set out a date, time, and prepare my mind for a day of organizing, but Marie teaches us that tidying up isn't about getting rid of things rather than deciding what's important enough to keep.

The most amazing part about the KonMari method is that it's super relatable. This isn't just for hoarders or cat ladies. Marie's tips can help any and everyone who has ever owned anything, because we're all guilty of hanging on to a shirt we never wear just because we got it on sale.

Using Marie's method, I've leveled up my organization game and even though I can't say I don't have a pair of pants on my bedroom floor as we speak, I can definitely see a change in my lifestyle after employing these concepts. Are you ready to let our girl Marie get your life all the way together? Check out these tips:

Have A Vision or A Goal


Before you start your tidying journey, decide what you want things to look like in the end. To reach your desired end result, it's important that you have a clear idea of what success looks like to you. Marie told Elle Decor:

"If you have a clear goal, then the motivation that comes with starting the KonMari Method changes because you have an idea of where you want to be and what you want to attain at the end of the steps."

Take Inventory of What Truly Sparks Joy


In her Netflix special, Marie normally starts the process by asking the client to gather all of their clothes and shoes (yes, ALL of them) and put them on the bed. At that point, you should go through each item of clothing and every pair of shoes and decide what sparks joy. If it doesn't make you feel good, let it go, sis. By doing this, you have the opportunity to identify what you have and what you need. After doing this exercise, you may find that you don't need that new pair of jeans as badly as you thought you did.

Keep Your Boxes

Marie Kondo KonMari Hikidashi Box Set Harmony

The Organized Home

That shoebox that you don't have a practical use for but haven't thrown away? Use it for your panties. That tampon box that's almost empty? Save it and store something you don't have a place for. Stop rushing to Walmart to get bins and containers every time you tidy up. Next time, make use of some of those empty Amazon boxes instead. If you're still not digging that idea, Marie Kondo has her own line of Hikidashi boxes that you can use to organize to your heart's delight.

Everything Has A Home


Say "goodbye" to miscellaneous boxes and junky drawers with this amazing organizing tip. So you've decided what sparks joy, now where do you put it? Marie has a remedy for your nail files and single-socks that cramp your style every time you think you finally have a clean house. Everything in your house should have a home, even the miscellaneous things. Maybe your tweezers go in your medicine cabinet and you store your hairpins in that old tampon box. Whatever your method is, make sure you identify a home for everything in your house and make sure everything stays in its place. This way, your space will never feel cluttered or messy.

Store Things Vertically


This has to be my favorite tidying hack! By folding your clothes and placing them vertically instead of piling them, your drawer will look and stay a lot neater. This way, instead of digging through your wardrobe every morning for the right top, you can easily see and choose what you want without making a huge mess. I personally swear by this tip because it's helped keep my space neater for much longer periods of time. Every time I look at a freshly folded drawer, I think to myself, "Damn girl, you did that!"

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