Eight Black Muslim Bloggers You Should Know

Beauty & Fashion

Alright, we're just going to say it: yes, there are Black muslims.

In fact, Black muslims all over the world showing us all that Blackness is not monolithic, and yes, modest style can still look effortlessly fly. Thanks to social media, the spotlight is getting shown on all the talented Muslim beauty bloggers who are striving to show that the beauty space can and should be more inclusive.

We love to see how style can transcend culture, and how Muslim women have, for years, helped craft much of the style narrative, though they have often been overlooked. However, we're looking to change all that by destroying the norms and stereotypes that exist against others.

If you need a bit of fashion and beauty inspo on your timeline, check out these eight gorgeous bloggers who are Black, bold, and beautiful:


Sabrina's looks up and down her IG will give you FEELS. Wispy lashes, dewy skin, and those enticing brows give us #goal makeup serves. Also can we discuss how perfectly clear her skin is?! How sis?

Featured image by Amina @blackish.gold

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