Big Sean Talks Self-Care, Manifestation, And Trusting In Divine Timing
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Big Sean Talks Self-Care, Manifestation, And Trusting In Divine Timing

Big Sean continues to open up about his spirituality, mental health, and how he manifested his career. Over the years, the Detroit rapper has been open about his battle with depression and anxiety and has praised holistic practices such as meditation as well as therapy. He also is a believer in manifestation and the law of attraction and how he was able to use those lessons to obtain success. Back in 2019, he released a video about manifestation where he said, “If I want it and I believe I can have it, then that’s my reality.”

He also did an interview with Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose with Jay Shetty a year ago about manifestation that was such a big hit with fans that he’s back for another purposeful conversation. In the March 2022 episode, the “Play No Games” rapper dives even deeper into manifesting abundance, success, and happiness. Here are some highlights from the hour and a half-long interview.

Big Sean on How Meditation Lifts Your Vibration

“I change my meditations up frequently. I do mantra meditations sometimes and sometimes I do just guided meditations that are specifically for me. Maybe for that week, things that I, not necessarily trying to accomplish but things that I put in my consciousness. Things that I want to approach right, but most importantly it gets me right for the day. It’s like taking a shower after you work out and you take that shower and feeling fresh. That’s what it does for my consciousness, my energy and things just flow better.”

“I literally feel like I’m lifting my vibration up to a higher place of just to be successful and it all starts right there for me. You can’t do it right or wrong way. There’s no right or wrong way in doing it. The fact that you take the time out to just be with yourself to breathe. Your mind is going to race all over the place sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does. You bring it back to your breath, you bring it back to whatever you’re listening to, and just the fact that you took that time out to breathe and spend that time on yourself, you’re gonna feel an incredible difference every time.”

Be Specific With Your Intentions

“If you are specific, well then always make sure in that specification that you put and more or I’m open to whatever possibilities are also available, whatever options there are if you are specific because we can be specific somewhat, but you can’t be too specific and leave it there. You can say I want to have the number one podcast that talks about mental health and all these things but the specification of that is even bigger than that. Everything you do is way bigger than that, but you’re open to all of those expansive options. I just hope that people realize that whatever you want in life–first of all, wanting something is acknowledging the lack of it.”

“So, remember in our last interview I talked about how God gives you what you ask for so I kinda don’t say I want anything anymore, I say 'I desire,' or 'My intention.' I don’t say I want it because I’m just acknowledging over and over that I don’t have it and I don’t want to match that vibration of not having it anymore. So instead it’s this is my intention, my desire, and I put myself vibrationally on that frequency already having it already being there and that for me works I don’t know if that works for everyone else, but try it. If life isn’t going exactly how you want it to which is 99% of us in this world, try it that way.”

Self-care is Service

“The whole purpose of self-care is the complete opposite of being selfish. It’s service to the world so when you’re overwhelmed with all the anxiety of what’s going on, you’re overwhelmed with your personal problems and the world’s problems and things seem to be too much, we all go through this, the most important thing to rely on the faith that everything is going to be okay. When you put your best foot forward, the extra steps to take care of yourself to bring your best foot forward you realize, we talked about it last time, that the reason that we’re in this moment in the first place is ‘cause we have the ability to change this moment.”

“The great part about being in any situation whether you’re up or down in life is that it’s an amazing opportunity and you have the ability to change every situation. So, when you have that faith. I talked about that invisible bridge to have that faith and walk across and you don’t really see how you’re gonna get across, but you know it’s there and you step off that clip and unto where you don’t see anything and you still haven’t fallen. That’s what faith is and that’s what we have to have in each other and society and realize the more conscious we are the more we work on ourselves the more steps we’re taking to get to the other side of things."

Have Faith and Trust in Divine Timing

“These things, when they even happen you realize, I in the first place should never be mad at a timeline because how can I be mad at a timeline or something not getting done or a deadline when I’m on God’s time. I’m moving at God’s speed. I’m not moving at my speed. I can set my intention, give my attention to that intention in hopefully getting something done. It may get done earlier. I may want to finish something in April and it may get done in February. I may want to get something done by April and it may not get done till next April.”

“Who knows? Because it’s unknown but when we embrace that unknown, which a lot of us, it’s hard to do ‘cause we always like to think about what’s the worst that can happen instead of what’s the best that can happen. I had to change my whole mindset to think, okay, what’s the best that can happen because I don’t even want to attract what’s the worst that can happen. That’s such a normal saying. That saying is wack. I had to flip it over to what’s the best that can happen because I have 100% faith.”

Be Rich Within Yourself 

“You can be rich in money but it’s conditional. That money goes, you’re not even rich anymore. If you take all of the money away from me or anyone around me, my family, we’re at a point where we were rich before we had money. Because of the rich practices that we were taught which is to take care of yourself early on which is a lesson I put on a back burner and went through and experienced life and life was hitting me and beating me up. I had to take a step back and reaffirm the things that I already knew but really strengthen them up. That is being rich for real because money is conditional and that is the energy we assigned it."

"It’s the currency of our countries and living the way we live but time is the currency of our universe and love is the currency of all. Love is God. I know I’m kind of rambling, but I just want people to get that because when you judge someone else, you’re just wasting your time. You’re really just giving someone else your energy that’s so valuable. You can be building a mountain with that energy, you can be building your future or career or something else, Instead, you’re worried about somebody else or tearing somebody else down and it doesn't make sense. It’s so easy to do though.”

Find Your Happiness and Writing a Book

“Make everything you’re doing fun because we’re here for such a short period of time and when we see somebody pass away that’s close to us or someone we idolize, our heroes or family members or friends whatever just you gotta realize that I work but I gotta make this fun because that is the key to happiness, right? And that is to me, that’s real success is when you’re happy so you gotta have fun with whatever you’re doing and if it’s not fun you gotta make it fun or do something else. Even if it pays your bills or anything you gotta –if you just approach it like that, something that may be depressing to you can completely change. That job you may have been working on, I’ve been doing this since I was 11 years old by the way making music, and obviously, I want to do other things with my life.”

“I want to write a book because I’ve learned so many lessons from you, Deepak, I get to sit with Sadhguru, my mom especially, I get to sit with Jhene (Aiko). I get to sit with all these amazing, I get to sit with Marie Diamond. I get to sit with a lot of people who know so much and I know that that’s one of my life purposes is to put that information into, and all the experiences I been through, all the testaments I’ve seen, and all of the magic I’ve witnessed in my life that’s the reason I want to write a book. I’m not doing it because, oh it’s a cool thing for your career to do I feel like I have to write a book because it’s one of my missions for humanity.”

How To Manifest ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, & HAPPINESS Into Your Life | Big Sean & Jay Shetty

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