​Beyoncé Unveils Cécred, A Haircare Line Rooted In Legacy & The Sacredness Of Rituals
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​Beyoncé Unveils Cécred, A Haircare Line Rooted In Legacy & The Sacredness Of Rituals

Becky, with the good hair, ain’t got nothing on Beyoncé’s recently launched haircare line. Our Queen Bey announced to her supporters that her haircare line Cécred (pronounced like “sacred”) is inspired by her early days in her mother's salon. Beyoncé wrote in an Instagram post, “Having learned so much on my own hair journey, I’ve always dreamed of carrying on her [Tina Knowles] legacy.”

We’ve seen Beyoncé in several hairstyles while maintaining her signature blonde hair. The Cécred haircare brand, which launched its debut line, The Foundation Collection this week, advocates for healthy colors, coils, and different textures. In founding the brand, Beyoncé sought to create products that brought the teachings of her mother, Tina Knowles, to life.

"We started by prioritizing the needs of textured hair like mine and others who lack moisture and strength," Beyoncé wrote in a statement on the Cécred site. "It was important to honor past rituals while infusing our personal touch by adding advanced science to build new sacred rituals. The result was haircare defined by its performance, quality, and intention."

Beyoncé's Cécred Haircare Story

Beyoncé entering the hairline chat is exciting, especially since many other legendary celebrities will be standing beside her. Taraji P. Henson, Tracee Ellis Ross, La La Anthony, and more celebs have started haircare lines to empower women with natural hair textures. In her brand story, the Renaissance artist took pride in creating a haircare brand that places hair health above all and "isn’t put into the same box others have tried to put me in as a Black woman throughout my career."

"I built Cécred from the ground up," she continued. "I poured into it everything I’ve learned throughout my life so we can borrow some of our past and bring it to the future. Cécred is about prioritizing yourself and all the things you hold sacred." Knowing Beyoncé's rapport on brand launches, her haircare line will not disappoint.

This isn’t Beyoncé’s first rodeo in the entrepreneurial space. She has helmed many businesses, the most popular being her Ivy Park clothing line, and the most recent, a venture in the fragrance space with her perfume CÉ NOIR. The power of the BeyHive is already standing on business behind the line's debut, similar to her previous launches.

If you're ready to get your hair snatched, keep reading for the kinds of products to expect with Beyoncé's haircare line Cécred.

Cécred, The Foundation Collection

Hydrating Shampoo


Cécred’s Hydrating Shampoo is infused with hyaluronic acid to provide quality moisture to the hair and scalp. The product also cleanses from root to tip, leaving the hair feeling moisturized, manageable, and strong. It intends to improve overall health for all hair types. According to the website, this shampoo is enriched with notes of oud, sandalwood, warm musk, violet leaves, and jasmine.


Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub


Just like our skin, taking care of our scalp is essential. The Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub by Cécred is a perfect blend of natural exfoliants to help you achieve a clean base. Tea tree oil, willow bark, and niacinamide are just a few of the ingredients that will invigorate your scalp. Work the product into your roots while enjoying the relaxing scents of peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and tea tree oil.


Moisturizing Deep Conditioner


Through her hair journey, Beyoncé knows how important it is to moisturize hair. Her Deep Conditioner intensely moisturizes the hair shaft, keeping it healthy and strong. This product is formulated with a blend of 12 moisturizing butters and oils. Hyaluronic acid is also part of the formula to lock in all the moisture for long-lasting results. This product is heavier in formula, so it is recommended for those with curly, coily, and even zig-zag hair textures.


Reconstructing Treatment Hair Mask


Hair damage can be a struggle! Thankfully, the Reconstructing Treatment Hair Mask can bring your tresses back to life. It’s filled with antioxidants, vitamin E, and Kartin to help repair damage and breakage. The Cércred team was also mindful not to add silicones, SLS/SLES, phthalates, and parabens to ensure your hair only gets the best treatment it deserves.


Fermented Rice & Protein Ritual


This historic duo is made to bring your hair back to life. Fermented rice and protein rituals have been a part of many different cultures for generations. However, the rice water usually takes a few days to settle. This is a treatment that is ready when you are! The fermented powder activates into water once prepared for use. Once completed, the second step is to infuse your hair with African oils to build its health, making it stronger and less prone to breakage.


Nourishing Hair Oil


The appearance of this product is honey-like as if giving a subtle nod to the BeyHive. We love this look with the Nourishing Hair Oil and its sweet benefits! Made with 13 oils and natural extracts, it gives you the highest moisture quality possible. A few of the oils are jojoba, coconut, argan, flaxseed, sweet almond, olive, castor oil, and more. These oils target deep into the hair follicles to achieve strength, shine, and growth.


Moisture Sealing Lotion


Beyoncé is bringing hair lotions back! The product should lock in all the moisture to achieve more enhanced and long-lasting styles. It’s perfect for curly hair use, especially if you want to make your wash-n-gos last. Infused with a blend of African oils to help you combat any frizz, while also providing a soft hold. We can hear all curly girls give a sign of relief! Looks like Cécred is here to stay.


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