Megan Thee Stallion Says The Key To Her Sculpted Physique Is 'Discipline'
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Megan Thee Stallion Says The Key To Her Sculpted Physique Is 'Discipline'

One thing about rapper Megan Thee Stallion, she’s no stranger to working hard for what she has. And a quick look at her recent gains and beachside selfies goes to show that her hard work is paying off.

During a new interview with PEOPLE, the Houston Hottie opened up about her body transformation and how her dedication to the gym and workout routine has allowed her to see changes not only in her outer appearance but in her inner growth as well.

"I'm really proud of my journey," she tells PEOPLE. "Fitness has become a part of my lifestyle. I've been disciplined and committed to working out on a regular basis and investing in my health."

Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion/Instagram

If you’ve been eager to get the workout plan that’s gotten the rap star to achieve her sculpted physique, you might be in luck, as she’s teased that the release of her popular Hottie Bootcamp may be dropping “sometime soon.” She also shared that her ideal self-care days have included activities like “journaling, praying, spending time with my dogs, working out, binging my favorite shows, and just doing activities that make me happy,” which appear to be paying off in the glow she’s been radiating lately.

Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion/Instagram

While on a brief hiatus from putting out new music, the Grammy-winning artist says that her main focus is putting on a show-stopping performance as a headliner at this year’s ESSENCE Fest. "I'm looking forward to keeping the moment and positive energy going at ESSENCE Fest. I love performing, and I know my Hotties are going to pop out in New Orleans, so we’re going to have a blast together and make it a vibe,” she says.

Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion/Instagram

Although the 28-year-old took time off from the public eye following the conviction of rapper Tory Lanez for her 2020 shooting incident, Megan looks to be in better spirits and is optimistic about the future of her career and legacy as a musician, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, "It's still very early in my career, but when it's all said and done, I want to be known as someone that put her heart into everything and stayed true to herself."

"I want to be recognized as more than an artist, I want to be respected as an entrepreneur and philanthropist that used her resources to open doors for women, set a positive example for others, and make the world a better place."

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