The Dominant Position That Lets You Take Control & Engage In Some Intense Power Play

The Dominant Position That Lets You Take Control & Engage In Some Intense Power Play

If you've ever dreamed of being a dominatrix, I've got the position for you. I recently discovered a sex position called "The Amazon." This position wasn't even known to me until I saw a video on TikTok by @giltyascharged. Despite being posted in 2020, the video featuring the crying Anthony Anderson meme with the caption, "When she said she wanted to try the new Amazon position, now you can't look at her straight in the eye," somehow made its way onto my feed a lot of time later. Not knowing what it meant, I decided to look it up, and boy, am I glad I did.

What Is The Amazon Sex Position?

The Amazon position is a dominant sexual position that requires physical exertion and puts the receiving partner in control. I will admit that this position isn't for everyone, if you’re one of those “yoga baddies,” then you might find this position to be rather easy because it requires great strength, flexibility, and stability. For those like me who get winded after climbing the stairs, this position may be challenging, depending on your fitness level and body size.

How To Do the Amazon Position:

The position combines the cowboy/cowgirl and missionary positions. The partner with a penis or dildo lies on their back with their knees pulled to their chest, similar to jumping cannonballs in a swimming pool. In most cases, the partner with the vulva is placed on top, straddling them, but partners of any gender or sexual orientation can perform this position (see a visual representation of The Amazon sex position here.)

The Basics of the Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon position is an excellent option for partners who are looking to spice up their bedroom activities with some fun and excitement. In contrast to some other sex positions that allow the penis- or dildo-wielding partner more power, this one empowers the individual on top by letting them control the pace and intensity of penetration. The penetrating partner may also touch and stimulate the top's clitoris, breasts, and nipples, which can be extremely stimulating and can even lead to something called a blended orgasm, making the Amazon an amazing position to try for heightened orgasms.

The Amazon Sex Position Variations

With a little effort, the Amazon sex position can deliver some intense orgasms, even though it looks uncomfortable or even bizarre. The vulva owner is on top in this position, just as with the cowgirl and reverse missionary positions. In this position, however, the vulva owner takes complete control, giving them more freedom. If you're feeling adventurous, try adding in some extra moves to switch things up. The Amazon position can also be combined with other techniques, such as grinding, twisting, and bouncing. Experimenting with different movements and speeds can make for a more dynamic experience.

By adjusting the penetration angle and using sex toys, the penetrating partner can increase orgasms while in the Amazon position. Additionally, you can try kneeling or reverse Amazon, which involves putting your feet down instead to give the receiving partner a little extra sensation or even a little back pressure. It can help relieve pressure on the bottom partner and change the angle of penetration as well. Both partners will also find it fun to add sex toys like vibrators or wands.

For a list of Amazon sex positions, check out Cosmo's "11 Amazon Sex Positions for Intense Power Play."

Safety Tips for the Amazon

One important thing to keep in mind when trying out the Amazon position is that communication with your partner is key. This position can be more physically demanding than others, so it's important to check in with one another and make sure that both individuals are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Like I’ve mentioned several times before, the Amazon sex position can be fun, but it isn't appropriate for everyone. Besides requiring some physical exertion, it is not suitable for people with back or knee problems or other limitations.

The receiving partner must support their weight on their knees in this position, which can be uncomfortable over long periods of time and might lead to soreness or injury. In addition to leg strength and core stability, the position can prove challenging for those with poor fitness or flexibility.

Overall, the Amazon sex position is a great way to switch things up and try something new. It allows for the woman to take control and offers a different level of intimacy and stimulation. If you’re someone with Megan's knees or Tina Turner's legs, you'll definitely have fun experimenting with different movements and speeds.

Just remember to communicate with your partner and have fun. It may take some adjusting to get comfortable, but once you are comfortable, you will have a more dynamic and satisfying experience.

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