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Vanessa Simmons Shares Her Daily Wellness Routine And How It Propels Her Life

Many of us are familiar with actress, model, and entrepreneur Vanessa Simmons. Whether we previously followed her life and career on the iconic VH1 series Run’s House, keep up with her on social media today, or have seen her continually grace our screens on series like BET’s Games People Playor WeTV’s Growing up Hip Hop, she’s a name the culture knows and respects. But what many people may not know about the elegant go-getter is that she’s a big advocate for wellness.

In fact, during the pandemic, she was the friend many leaned on for physical and mental assistance and tips. “We were all in a state of fear and shock, and wellness was at the forefront of many of our minds. We wanted to know how we could stay as healthy as possible, and as the lockdown grew, mental health became just as important,” she says. The unique experience is what fueled her to birth U4IA (pronounced euphoria), an online community built around fact-based beauty and wellness tips and mental health awareness.

The platform started simply as a personal blog, a way for her to have all of her wellness thoughts and suggestions in one place. But anyone who is familiar with Vanessa’s efforts and her business-minded family knows it doesn’t take long for a business idea to spark, and she knew there was an opportunity here. “Pastry (the sneaker line she created with her sister, Angela Simmons) taught me the highs and lows of being a businesswoman. I feel like this is an extension of that,” she explains.

We can see she lives this through her work as an actress, which she’s strived for, for years. But making time for self-care in her routine is something she developed over time. “Every day is not the same – that’s life. But generally, I try to wake up before the house at 5:30 a.m. Then I journal, meditate and breathe, do an ice facial, start my skincare routine (which she makes sure to not rush), and start my day.”

She also practices wellness with her daughter. “All of those things allow me to wake my daughter up in a positive mood and spend time getting her ready for school. Also, I do affirmations with her," she says. "There's been times when she’s tired or in a mood and she actually tells me she feels better after we complete them. And you know kids tell the truth; that’s how I know it’s working!”

Like many, motherhood drastically changed her daily comings and goings. She admits that the journey altered her values and the way she moves through life, especially being someone from the Big Apple. “I had to find patience. I’m a New Yorker, so I like everything quickly. But I learned to find the balance between life and career and know when to shut down the work stuff and just be there for my family - which has brought me more happiness.”

Through U41A she hopes to share some of those processes and tips that help and make it accessible for everyone. “There are expensive ways to celebrate self-care, but there’s also things we can do at home. I like intentional breathing, jumping jacks for five minutes a day, and jumping rope – that releases endorphins. Also, meditation, affirmations, and my prayer life helps me.”

She adds, “Oh, and I love my at-home spa blanket. There's so much we can do in our living space that gives us that luxury spa feeling and fills our self-care cup.”

Today, Vanessa works daily to maintain that balance and intention she’s created for herself and her loved ones, and U4IA is a big part of that. Currently, she’s excited about their upcoming events and future partnerships.“I’m bringing the U4IA website to life through a health and wellness activation. We’re basically bringing the best of wellness in each city to one space.”

Lately, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with life, relationships, and work. With things moving so fast, it’s easy to exist in a state of productivity. But one thing life has taught me is that if you’re not showing up for yourself, you can’t properly show up for others, and that creates anxiety. But if someone as busy as Vanessa Simmons can make time for daily self-care, so can I. If you’re feeling the same or looking to make a change in your wellness routine, make sure to keep up with Vanessa’s lifestyle journey on social media and visit U4IANow.com for the latest updates.

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