Angela Simmons Reveals What She Prayed For Before Meeting Her Current Partner, Rapper Yo Gotti
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Angela Simmons Reveals What She Prayed For Before Meeting Her Current Partner, Rapper Yo Gotti

Hip-hop heiress and entrepreneur Angela Simmons has let us into her life since she was a teenager on MTV’s Run’s House. Through public motherhood and public breakups, Simmons is now opening up about her blooming love life and the prayer that got her there.

Angela Simmons recently stopped by the V-103 Atlanta's Big Tigger Morning Show to take us into her doting relationship with rapper Yo Gotti and what she loves the most about him. “He’s one of my biggest inspirations, and we just get each other,” she said. “He’s a hustler. I love watching him. He inspires me to do better, be better. I’m really happy with him. I think he’s a great person. Not think…I know.”

When asked if she hears the sounds of wedding bells in their future, the 35-year-old disclosed that the two aren’t in any rush and are present and enjoying the relationship moment by moment.

“Whenever,” she says. “I love him, I’m happy, I’m in a great relationship.”

“I’ve learned in life just to go with the pace of where you’re at. You don’t have to rush anything. When things are meant to happen, they happen,” she added. “I’ve just learned to be in my moment. I’m in a really good moment, and I’m happy.”

Back in 2016, the 42-year-old rapper began his public pursuit of Simmons in the song, "Down in the DMs." In the single, he rapped, “Boy, I got a crush on Angela (Simmons),” capturing the internet’s attention. A year later, Simmons became engaged to Sutton Tennyson, with whom she shared a son before Tennyson's untimely death.

Through time, Simmons and Yo Gotti would reconnect, and on New Year's of 2023, the two made their relationship public.

When asked if she ever felt like she would find love again after the loss and heartbreaks of her past, Simmons maintained that releasing her expectations allowed her to receive the love she deserves. “I think it’s a thing of where you just learn to go with life and where you’re at. Right before I got in a relationship with [Yo Gotti],” she explains.

During the interview with Tigger to promote her new line of vegan funnel cake mix, Angela's Cakes, Simmons disclosed the prayer that gave her clarity on her perspective on love and surrender to the process. “I was just like ‘Look, God, I’m cool with whatever it is at this point,’” she says. “'Whether I’m going to be in a relationship or not be in a relationship,' and we just winded up in a relationship together. It was crazy.”

“To me, that was my prayer. I was like, ‘I’m cool, it is what it is.’ I don’t want to be in nothing that isn’t for me. And when that happened, I was like, it’s kind of crazy.”

“I knew what I deserved, and I definitely didn’t settle for anything less. And again, I just believe in timing. I just feel like everything was about the timing.”

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