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Tailor-Made Tracee: How To Improve Your Everyday Style Like An Icon In The Making

A style icon before it was thrown around mercilessly, a society IT girl well before Gossip Girl made it famous, and arguably one of the funniest women on the small and large screen. A woman with the unparalleled fashion appeal of Capote’s famed Swans and the fierceness of a socialite beyond fashion like Bianca Jagger (a family friend, of course). Yet, her lexicon of looks remains modern and fresh, a nod to the way fashion was consumed during her emerging years.

The icon started young as a model for houses like Mugler, in a time when fashion was deeply personal and intentional. Fashion of the 80s and 90s was built on core components of structure, lines, and silhouette. Tracee Ellis Ross experienced all of this firsthand in her formative years, and it showed in her style. It’s one of the many ways she maintains a level of relatability, especially in a saturated sea of superficial styles. The way Tracee charges everything in her life, especially fashion, with a breath of her spirit is remarkable, courageous, and inspiring. (So much so that Roku decided to build an entire television show around Tracee being Tracee, which is set to air in 2025).

Even though she shares a stylist with fellow uber-celebrity like Hailey Bieber, that doesn’t overshadow her taste and aesthetic. The purveyor of fashion exposition, Tracee has stylized her wardrobe much like her life: intentional, fun, and rooted in her. Despite the need for Gen Z to create brand aesthetics behind every look, Tracee’s street style cannot be boxed in or labeled. It borrows from each genre and era, meticulously put together with the threads of a tried and true style purveyor.


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Be Intentional

If nothing else, Tracee has a clear intention behind every look, even the most casual-seeming. Behind each incredible vintage accessory and rare sneaker, there is a level of Tracee in it. A story, a feeling, an aspect of the design that speaks to Tracee’s personality. That very intention makes her style so relatable, especially in today’s society, where one of the most valuable forms of currency is relatability. A celebrity rarely possesses that, much less the child of an A-list celebrity.


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Make It Enjoyable

No matter what you do, always make it enjoyable. The founding concept of personal style is just that: style that inspires you. There’s an internal happiness that glows from within Tracee, and it is easily translated into her wardrobe. Each trend she incorporates or emerging designer that she wears is a nod to her enjoyment of fashion. Her style feels as though it’s not taken too seriously, with sacrificing the cohesiveness. There’s a story being told, whether that’s playful or businesswoman or beach babe. Her style feels good to watch, a very rare thing nowadays.

You Are The Best Accessory 

At the end of the day, an outfit is entirely dependent on the wearer. No price point, TikTok trend, or Vogue stamp of approval can overshadow personal taste. This is something Traceee understands deeply, and the primary reason for her fashion transcendence over the years. Even her most casual of street looks put glossy editorials to shame. She has a keen self-awareness of her style and what she feels good in, that no matter what, she will also be her best accessory.

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