Judge Faith Jenkins And Kenny Lattimore Announce They’re Expecting Their First Child Together
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Judge Faith Jenkins And Kenny Lattimore Announce They’re Expecting Their First Child Together

Judge Faith Jenkins shared some exciting news with her social media followers. She and her husband Kenny Lattimore are expecting their first child together. The TV host/attorney made the announcement alongside Kenny and their adorable dog who wore a sign that read “Mom & Dad are getting me a human.”

“Season two of my crime show isn’t the only thing I’ve been producing this summer! 😉,” Judge Faith said with a wink emoji. “My husband, @kennylattimore, and I are SO excited to share that we are expecting our greatest blessing yet!”

“Kenny as I’ve told you countless times over the last three years I simply could not ask for a better husband and life partner and – now - father to our soon-to-be little human!! ❤️”

She added, “We cannot begin to express how thrilled we are for this next chapter in our lives! Cooper is still warming up to the news 🤣”

Judge Faith and Kenny got married on March 8, 2020, at the First Congressional Church of Los Angeles after getting engaged six months after meeting in 2019. The couple opened up about their relationship during an appearance on Tamron Hall.

How Judge Faith Jenkins and Kenny Lattimore Met

The couple met during a blind lunch date that a mutual friend set up. “Before I met Kenny, six months prior to us meeting, I’d actually gone through a breakup,” the judge said. “And I just decided in that time period in my life, having been single and out in the dating streets for a minute in New York and L.A. that I wanted to be clear about what I wanted and I had to get real with myself. So, I listed out everything and it ended up being a list of 50.”

“I joke with Kenny because I tell him he was 49 out of those 50 things because he is not 6'2'' but that was on my list. I was happy to meet someone who just really exceeded my expectations.”

How Kenny Lattimore Proposed to Judge Faith Jenkins

As far as the proposal, Kenny surprised the legal commentator by setting up a photo shoot in New York City, which is one of her favorite places. The “For You” singer had a friend fly in to meet them after the photo shoot to help Kenny create the special moment. “He walks up, he’s like oh my God, you guys are so beautiful and I see couples all the time and I want to encourage them and pray for you guys,” he said. Faith didn’t know who the man was and was skeptical. However, they formed a prayer circle in the middle of Central Park and Kenny’s friend began praying for them.

“After the prayer circle, he reached in his pocket and he pulls out the box that has the ring in it and he hands it to me but it was so unexpected because I was just looking in her eyes and I was like gosh, it’s such a perfect day today. If only I had the ring. So he pulls out that box he gives it to me and the rest is history.”

The couple got married five days before the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down. This is Faith’s first child and Kenny’s second. The singer shares a son with fellow artist Chanté Moore.

Kenny Lattimore & Judge Faith Jenkins On Getting Married Days Before the World Shut Down

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