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Usher's Wellness Routine Includes Fasting Every Wednesday, Meditation, And More

Usher is opening up about balancing his physical and mental health with an incredibly busy lifestyle.

The 45-year-old has had a monumental year, juggling his roles as a husband and full-time father to four children with significant career milestones. Usher delivered a show-stopping performance at the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show, released his ninth studio album, Coming Home, earlier this year, and is gearing up on his "Past Present Future World Tour" in August. Despite his demanding commitments, the "Good Good" singer maintains his well-being by incorporating several practices into his routine, including fasting.

This practice, which can be adopted for religious or health reasons, involves abstaining from consuming food and drinks for a certain period of time. One standard fasting method is intermittent fasting, where individuals follow time-restricted eating patterns. Healthlinereports that fasting offers several potential health benefits, including blood sugar control, lower blood pressure, enhanced brain function, increased metabolism, weight loss, and more.

Usher On Why He Fasts Every Week

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Usher revealed his weekly fasting routine and shared the reasons behind this practice.During the conversation, the "You Don't Have To Call" songster explained that he fasts because it was a practice his grandmother followed, which inspired him to incorporate it into his own lifestyle.

"I fast, not for religious purposes, but it's something my grandmother practiced," he said. "I typically try to start around 11 p.m. the previous day, then go the entire day on Wednesday just drinking water."

Usher On His Wellness And Fitness Regimen

In addition to fasting, Usher attributed his wellness and fitness journey to meditation, yoga, and spending time outdoors. The star demonstrates his commitment to health by prioritizing it every morning before tackling anything else.

"I try to wake up early enough to have a moment of reflection. Some days I may grab a book and read to stimulate my mind," he stated. "I may sit quietly and meditate. One thing that is a frequent practice is yoga. It really does help to activate my organs and get my mind moving in the right direction—as Tony Robbins would say, 'make my move,' you know what I mean?"

Another habit the "Confessions Part II" singer has incorporated into his lifestyle is drinking celery juice daily and eating breakfast, mainly eggs, after completing his workouts.

Toward the end of the segment, Usher shared that he has maintained his toned physique through simple activities like walking, swimming, and bike riding.

"Normally, my workout regimen starts either walking or with certain knee activations and reverse walking that I do to really engage my quads, my knees and glutes," he said "I've had minor surgeries on my knee, I had a torn meniscus. Other than that, swimming is a really good thing to get me going, and bike riding. Weight lifting, don't do a lot of that."

Given the recent revelation about Usher’s wellness and fitness routine, it's no wonder he's aged gracefully over the years and continues to captivate fans with his timeless looks.

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