Usher's Age-Defying Secrets Revealed
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Usher's Age-Defying Secrets Revealed

Usher first captivated millions of hearts everywhere following the release of his second studio album, My Way, over two decades ago.

Over the years, the singer became a household name and left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry after dropping two chart-topping albums, 8701 andConfessions, respectively, in 2001 and 2004. Both of which have earned countless awards. Since then, Usher would release four more studio albums and sold over 100 million records worldwide.

To date, Usher, who is considered one of the best-selling artists of all time, is currently performing all his hits and more at his widely popular Las Vegas residency. With nearly 30 years in the industry, aside from his success, many often wonder how Usher keeps his ageless appearance at 44-years-old.

In Vogue's Beauty Secrets, a YouTube series, Usher shared how he maintained his physical appearance and the products he used for his daily skincare routine.

Hot Washcloth

Vogue/ YouTube

At the start of the video, Usher revealed that he begins his everyday skincare routine by wiping his face with a hot washcloth. The singer also shared that during this process, he is cautious not to mess up his hairline.

"I start everyday prep with a hot rag. You know, Black men, we’re really are specific about our hairlines. So, I'mma be really, really careful. It's almost like paint, this work of art," he said.

Further into the clip, Usher disclosed that he incorporated a hot washcloth into his regimen because before developing a more thorough skincare routine and getting other products that worked well with his face, he only used the rag.

"I learned this technique by not having access to any of this s--t, to be honest. A hot rag will get you a long way," he stated. "But you do have to be very careful of what you put on your skin. What it does, it actually exfoliates."

Hand Sanitizer and Facial Spray

Vogue/ YouTube

In the next step, the "My Way" crooner cleans his hands with Jao sanitizer and sprinkles Mario Badescu facial spray containing aloe, herbs, and Rosewater throughout his skin.

The benefits of using aloe include acne reduction, slow signs of aging, skin hydration, etc. At the same time, Rosewater shares some similar properties as aloe. It can also help individuals balance their natural oils and promote a smoother appearance.


Vogue/ YouTube

Following the facial spray, Usher uses Acne Expert Skincare's cleanser to remove any excess dirt on his face. The father of four revealed that this particular product is one of his favorites because of the cleanser's lather.

"When you use cleansers that don't necessarily lather. You almost feel like you're not really cleansing your skin," he said.

Usher added that another benefit of using the cleanser was that it was easy to use and keep up with after struggling with acne for many years.

"I went through a great deal of really, really bad acne as a kid," he explained. "I mean my face broke out so bad I had to find something that was simple enough to be able to keep up."

Eye Mask

Vogue/ YouTube

In the fifth step, the "Burn" vocalist shares how he maintains his ageless appearance. Usher reveals that he likes to use Peter Thomas Roth eye masks when he has extra time for a more detailed skincare routine.

"If you have enough time, which today we happen to, I'm getting calls. They're trying to pull me away because they didn't want me to share this incredible life-changing experience for you to keep you looking young like I do forever. These are really cool because they are like golden. Peter Thomas Roth eye mask," he said.

While removing the mask and massaging his eyes, Usher opened up about why individuals need to find time to take care of themselves, whether through a daily skincare regimen, meditation, or prayer.

"This whole purpose and point of taking a moment for you. Some people choose to meditate. Some people choose to say a prayer," he stated. "Whatever it is, you got to take care of you in order to be able to take care of anybody else. You gotta straighten your own mask before you get anyone else's straight."

Vitamin C Serum

Vogue/ YouTube

Following his advice, Usher used a rejuvenating toner before applying Acne Expert Skincare's vitamin C serum with a brush. The "Superstar" singer disclosed he uses a brush instead of his hands to preserve his hairline.

"This is a daily [vitamin] c antioxidant serum that I use for my skin. Now this is a personal moment. I said I was going to let you in on the secret. I use a brush for my face," he said. "Most people, they use their [hands]. Ain't nothing wrong with you using it. I'm particular about my [hair] line. I just really can't mess with this [hair] line."


Vogue/ YouTube

Toward the end of the video, the "You Remind Me" songster explained some of the products he uses are beneficial for different seasons, including Acne Expert Skincare's moisturizer.

"Summertime, you do know that you are going to sweat or perspire a little bit more. So there is a difference in terms of how much product you use and what type of products you use on your skin," he stated. "Typically, I use what is called a calming moisturizing gel...It has like cooling properties inside of it that actually chills the skin out."

Usher continued the conversation by expressing how much he enjoys taking care of himself.

"I really like to take care of my face. I like to take care of myself. Can I say I'm vain? Yeah, because I care about myself. I care about my skin. I care about how I look. This thing, I'm preserving for you," he said.

After applying the moisturizer, Usher proceeds to do face exercises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The "My Boo" crooner wraps up his skincare routine by spraying Caudalie face mist on his skin, applying La Mer and Jack Black lip balm on his lips, and Chanel La Créme Main on his hands before heading out to the venue where he performs his residency.

Usher's Pre-Show Skin Care and Wellness Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Feature image by Vogue/ YouTube

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