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Quinta Brunson On How She 'Rebuilt' Her Confidence After A Bad Break-Up

Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson is revealing the source of her confidence.

The acclaimed actress and producer, 34, recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to discuss how she's rebuilt her confidence following a “bad” breakup and how mentors within the industry have helped ground her during moments of negativity.

“Yesterday was one of those days where negative forces were coming in, and I think one, it's… identifying it as such so you know how to combat it,” she told the talk show host. “I really lean into the people who love me, who I love, people that I trust. I was having a negative thought yesterday and I was actually with Sterling K. Brown. He's someone who has shown me nothing but love and graciousness and gratitude in this industry and vice versa.”

According to Brunson, the American Fictionactor provided her with reassurance and a clear perspective on the moment. “I went up to him, and I said, ‘Hey, Sterling, this is something that is in my brain. That's crazy, right?” she reflected. “I told him the thought, and he was like, ‘That's not true. It's just not true. It's not a true thing. It's not real. This is real, right here,’ and I think it’s important having the people around you that actually see reality for what it is.”

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The Emmy-award-winning actress recalled how a painful breakup initially left her broken but ultimately led to personal growth and “rebuilding” herself for an even greater comeback.

“And I guess besides that, I told myself in the mirror that I love myself, and I like myself – I do,” she says. “It seems corny, but it helped me out of a bad way.”

“I also had a really bad breakup,” she adds. “And that breakup, it almost broke me to pieces and I think after you rebuild yourself, it feels harder to get broken down again. So it's the one thing I give my ex, I'm like, ‘Thanks for breaking my heart that bad because I came back strong, baby.”

Having confidence is all about having mental fortitude. While she’s always been a supporter of mental health, Brunson likens her recent “investment” into getting therapy to a necessary tune-up for a car to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn't break down.

“I invested in a therapist — not money-wise, but just like it's a time investment, it's a commitment — last year, and that was really important for me. For a while, I was an advocate of therapy. I supported a friend who had had wonderful experiences in therapy, but I've never had one for myself. I was like, ‘My mind is pretty on point,’ but it wasn't about that,” she says.

“I now consider it like the tune-up I need to make sure my mind stays on point, you know. I have a lot going on, so just what it's like a car, like yeah, my car is running well. But you know you should get it checked, one because you know if it falls apart, that's not cute.”

As the sitcom star says, taking time to learn and heal through her life lessons has been “a beautiful feeling.”

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