Quinta Brunson On The Power Of Imperfection & Owning Your Averageness

Quinta B. wants creatives to use this time of social distancing to accept the power of your averageness.

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For some entrepreneurs and creatives, social distancing can be a time where self-reflection and bestselling ideas are abundant. But for others, the recent conditions of isolation can induce feelings of worry, anxiety, and writer's block. I am others. Others is me.

Now, more than ever, do I see my inner-critic appear to remind me that I'm not doing enough, but Quinta B. wants creatives to use this time of social distancing to accept the power of your averageness.

In a recent interview with Playboy, the A Black Lady Sketch Show actress opened up about how an unpleasant social media interaction inspired her to have a life-changing revelation about the power of imperfection. She told the publication:

"I posted the green-carpet selfie on Instagram. For the most part, the comments were kind and complimentary, filled with 'yes girl!' and 'slay gorgeous.' But there was one that has stuck with me for four years. 'Eh, she's so average looking.'"

Whether the user who wrote the comment had shady intentions or not, the comment, Quinta says, was one that shook her to her core:

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"Average. I don't know if the person who wrote that comment meant to insult me but.… I take it back; I'm pretty sure that was 100 percent their intention. My first thought was no thought. The comment just kind of had me staring at it and trying to understand how I felt, whether to care and if I should say something back. I didn't, but I did care."

Like most of us, Quinta says that she spent most of her career proving that she's enough, and as someone who's been a sister in the imposter syndrome struggle for much of my life, I can totally relate:

"At that point in my career, I wanted to be outstandingly good at my job and to be considered pretty at least. I thought what probably everyone has thought, including the person who left the comment: In order to be worth something in this world, you have to be above average."

It was at this point that Quinta decided to own her averageness in all its glory. Success means different things for different people which means that even if the self-quarantine doesn't allow you to give birth to the next $1 million idea, true wealth comes from being someone who loves what they do:

"Like most of us, I was taught to aim for the stars. In school we were told, 'Look at George Washington Carver. He fucking invented peanut butter. You should strive to be just as amazing.' And look, I get it. I really do. But I wish I'd also learned something like 'Look at Ms. Johnson, your computer teacher. She loves her job and has a nice house and a cool family.'"

While Quinta's newfound perspective has allowed her to level up her mentality and accept her averageness, the entertainer that she was tempted to flex for the 'Gram one last time when she was forced to make the choice to celebrate New Year's in a secluded cabin with friends or accept an invite to one of the hottest celebrity parties in LA:

"I chose my life. I shut my phone off, looked around the car and almost shed one single G tear from the overabundance of peace I felt. I had left the race and decided to sit at the finish line. Because it turns out the finish line isn't at the end of the race at all; it's wherever people love your average-ass self."

To read Quinta's full interview, click here!

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