This Brand Of Natural Hair Products Contains Caviar And Gold & The Results Are Amazing

This Brand Of Natural Hair Products Contains Caviar And Gold & The Results Are Amazing

Any woman with natural hair will tell you that caring for it doesn't come easy.

There's an overabundance of natural hair products across the market, and selecting the right one for your curls can be tedious. Myriam Taylor Orceo, owner of the Portugal-based, bio-luxury natural hair brand, Muxima (pronounced MOO-SHE-MAH), especially knows this to be true.

After she got pregnant, Myriam had a hard time finding products with ingredients that wouldn't harm her curls. So, she started her own brand and infused her products with 24 karat gold and caviar.

You read that right. The Muxima hair system contains gold and caviar, and according to her website, Myriam has the receipts from science to prove that it works.

Muxima's research team found that for naturalistas, caviar promotes and increases nourishment and moisture throughout the hair fiber. Myriam says that the added combination of Argan oil, amino acids, and collagen has helped to make this hydrating hair system a winner for kinky curly girls. Her products have been rigorously tested (two years in development, and two years in safety and efficacy testing); was tested by dermatologists in Europe; it's antibacterial; and contains zero sulphates, parabens, or synthetic colors.

The Angolan beauty said that she selected the best ingredients to help curl-friends regenerate their hair from scalp to end. The system's complete line is infused with caviar, and comes with a hydrating hair wash, a reconstructing conditioning masque, curl defining conditioner, curl-activating fluid, and oil infused with 24 karat gold.

As for the results? They're stunning.

Beauty blogger UK Curly Girl said that she loved how the wash detangled her hair, and that the curl-defining fluid made her curls pop. She gave it a 10 out of 10.

HoneyBlondeGigi, another YouTube beauty blogger, used it on her color-treated hair, and her final curly look is astonishing.

Beauty blogger Afro Is Massive, who appears to have a coarser hair texture, also loved her results with the product.

Myriam told Rolling Out that the reason why she carved her own lane in the natural hair industry was because she was disappointed to find so many products for natural hair that falsely claims to have organic ingredients. She wanted to create a luxury brand that does exactly what it says on the bottle.

I just found out that the market is full of products, and many of the products are marketed for our [ kinky] type of hair. But they have pretty bad ingredients. So I was looking for products that were more on the premium side. Still I couldn't find them, and that's how we spotted the opportunity to start Muxima.

What's even better about Muxima is that Myriam uses her website to help continue conversations on how users can accept the beauty of their textured strands. She told MOJO:

You have to wear [your natural hair] proudly, and make people accept us the way we are, other than allowing them to dictate our appearance.

You can purchase the Muxima hair system directly from their website, muxima.net, or on Amazon. If you're cautious about giving the system a try, you can buy a sample pack for about $66 US dollars directly from the website.

Get to know the Muxima team in the video below, where Myriam requires her models to be photographed with their imperfections, and refuses to allow the photos to be retouched of blemishes.

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