Victoria Monet Is "Coastin" On Our Playlists: Here's 7 Things You Need To Know

It's VICTORIA MONET's motherf*cking moment.

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With the world seeming more and more overwhelming, how incredible is it to know that we have music? Music as a means of storytelling has been the way of life for centuries. Lyrics and melodies have a way of elevating the mood, maintaining calm, and keeping us going. And what keeps "Coastin" artist, Victoria Monet, going? Her art imitating life.

She may have been the music industry's best-kept secret but her light is shining so bright that we have no choice but to give her her flowers. Keep scrolling for fun facts about mommy-artist-songwriter-producer, Victoria Monet.

1.Victoria Monet is a Taurus.

Known to be sensual, steadfast, and loyal, Taurean women are true queens. No one has a strong sense of self like the Taurus. Victoria Monet displays her confidence in the words she writes. Her lyrics are candid conversations with the world. Over the years, the entertainer has developed a fearlessness to say what she actually means, regardless of the politics that are supposed to be considered.

2.She grew up in Sacramento.

While she was born in Georgia, Victoria was raised in Sacramento, CA.

Monet told Miss Bish:

"With Sac being so diverse, I got a taste of a lot of different genres. My mom also had a super wide variety of music taste. She would play everything from Sade to Uncle Luke while we cleaned the house, lol. I feel that today, I am a melting pot of a few different feels but my heart is always in the '90s mixed with an indie feel. Sac has a super cool indie, artsy vibe downtown where I used to practice dance with Boogie Monstarz, and I think that's where I met my match and felt right at home."

3.The hitmaker is a new mommy.

Victoria Monet surprised her fans in December 2020 with the most adorable pregnancy announcement. Baby Hazel Monet Gaines was born on February 2, 2021, to Victoria and her boyfriend John Gaines. From the start, she cherished being gifted the title above queen sharing on social media:

"Two hearts beat inside of me now...That's more love. Two brains and two souls...that's so much power. Really been feelin like the ultra super Victoria cause my body is doing such miraculous work. This is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait to meet my tiny soul mate earth side!!! I hold my head higher with the confidence you already gift. You are the best of me and I promise to protect you and be the best version of myself for you all ways, always."

4.Victoria Monet identifies as bisexual.

The singer came out on Twitter at the end of 2018 after being tired of hiding her queerness. It was more of a rebellious moment due to some complicated matters of the heart. Victoria Monet told Gay Times:

"I literally fell in love with a girl and I had a boyfriend at the time, and then we broke up. But this woman ended up getting pregnant because she had a boyfriend in a polyamorous relationship. There were a lot of things that I was personally going through that I didn't speak about. But at the time, my boyfriend was still claiming that he was still my boyfriend after we'd broken up, and I decided I was really upset about it, and going through a lot emotionally, so I decided to tweet it."

For Monet, she was simply venting. It wasn't until someone replied, "Did you just come out?" that she realized it was so much more. Her response: "I think so." That tweet made her come into her own and allowed her to authentically live in her truth.

5.You can also call her one of the most successful songwriters of our time.

Monet's first big songwriting credit was on Diddy and Dirty Money's "I Hate That You Love Me" back in 2010. Fun fact: she reached out to legendary hitmaker Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins on MySpace to shoot her shot. That leap of faith landed her in Darkchild's group, Purple Reign, who was signed to Motown Records. You may be thinking, "Purple Reign? I've never heard of that group!" Well, you're correct because their work was never released. Luckily, Monet's killer writing skills became well-known and her magic pen hasn't stopped ever since.

Essence highlighted Victoria Monet during Black Music Month and when asked about how being a Black woman uniquely qualified her for her position, she told them:

"It gives me the opportunity to overturn the narrative of Black women being the underdog. Being Black shouldn't be considered unique in music. We exist—and always have—as the foundation of it all as a matter of fact. Our faces just may not be as forward facing as our talent. I will do my part to make sure we are no longer overlooked and underappreciated."

It's safe to say this Sac queen has earned her stripes. Many of the bops we love most were written by Victoria Monet. Some notable songs where Monet has writing credits are Ariana Grande's "7 Rings", "34+35", "Do It" by Chloe x Halle and "On the Way" by Twenty88.

6.Victoria Monet and Ariana Grande are BFFs.

They do more than create music together; they do life together. Since Ariana's Nickelodeon days, she and Victoria have been holding each other down. The new kids say '4 Lifers' when referring to lifetime friendships and that's what we see when we look at A & V. "We've just been friends for so long. It's so easy and it just feels really fun, but also therapeutic, Victoria told NME:

"It's not like when you go to a writing session and you have to ask the writer or the artist: 'What's going on with your life?' We talk all the time, and we both already know what's going on in each other's lives. So whenever we're in the studio, we get straight to the music part."
"I imagine us [in the future] being really old ladies talking about how he used to do it. 'Remember when we did 'Thank U, Next'? Remember when we toured here?' You know, just having discussions over tea. This'll be a forever thing."

7.She has released five EPs.

EPs also known as extended plays are mini-albums with less than seven songs. Victoria Monet's discography:

  1. Nightmares & Lullabies: Act 1
  2. Nightmares & Lullabies: Act 2
  3. Life After Love, Pt. 1
  4. Life After Love, Pt. 2

To keep up with Victoria Monet, follow her on Instagram, Spotify and Apple Music.

To keep up with Victoria Monet, follow her on Instagram, Spotify and Apple Music.

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