What If Rejection Is Just Divine Redirection?
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What If Rejection Is Just Divine Redirection?

Fall is upon us, and just as the trees shed their old leaves and prepare for a new season of growth, it’s a good time to let go of our old ways of thinking and embrace new perspectives. So, we’ve all been there - the job that chose another candidate, the partner who decided it’s time to see other people, the business you couldn’t quite get off the ground, the application that got denied. Sound familiar?

Life often unfolds in mysterious ways, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. As women, we navigate a world that can sometimes feel like it's working against us. But what if I told you that everything that happens to us, every "no" and every roadblock, is simply a part of our divine path?

What's Meant For You Can't Miss You

Have you ever been told, "What's meant for you, can't miss you?" It's a powerful mantra to hold onto when life takes an unexpected turn. In the midst of redirection, it’s hard to believe it - trust me, I know. It’s hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes. But if we get to choose our thoughts and our feelings - and we do - why not choose to believe that things are unfolding for us in the best possible way?

When One Door Closes…

One of the most profound shifts in mindset I’ve made in recent years is to see rejection as divine redirection. Instead of viewing a "no" as a door slamming shut, consider it the Universe guiding you toward a different, more aligned path. “Another door opens”.

Think about the times when you were denied something, only to later realize that what you thought you wanted wasn't what you truly needed or perhaps even wanted. The job you didn’t get but led to you getting a better one, the ex who broke your heart, but then you met someone who loved you better than they ever did. Those moments of redirection often lead us to more fulfilling opportunities, healthier relationships, and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The “Slippery Fish” Concept

One of my favorite podcasts, “Big Conversations” by Hayley Hoffman-Smith, helped change my perspective on rejection. She told the story about a “slippery fish.” It was the story of a fisherman who couldn’t catch any of the big fish around his boat; it was like they were slipping through his fingers. He became frustrated and discouraged, but what he couldn’t see was that the fish were poisonous. What if all our redirections are just “slippery fish?” Doesn’t that feel good to consider?

Trust That Things Are Unfolding For Your Highest Good

Picture this: every experience, every encounter, and every rejection is a thread weaving the intricate tapestry of your life. Your destiny is not a linear path but a beautifully complex mosaic that comes together over time. Instead of viewing rejection as a failure or the result of a personal flaw, see it as a redirection toward something better suited for your unique journey. When you shift your perspective in this way, you release the emotional weight that rejection often carries.

Consider your redirection as a filter, allowing only the most aligned opportunities and relationships to enter your life. It's the Universe's way of saying, "Not this, love. Something greater awaits you." Reframe the way you view every redirection and consider them a stepping stone, leading you closer to your destiny.

I’ll leave you with my favorite affirmation/mantra: “This or something better.” When you don’t get something you want, remind yourself that if you don’t get “this,” you’ll get “something better” because things are always unfolding for your highest good.

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