IG’s Latest Nail Trend Is The Perfect Segue Into Spring
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IG’s Latest Nail Trend Is The Perfect Segue Into Spring

When it comes to choosing a nail color, I've always been a muted or neutral girl by trade. Even though I've dipped my feet into the bright colored end of the pool when experimenting with yellow or red every now and then -- gray, matte black, or a rose gold/nude has always been my go-to. However, spring's latest nail color trend has me wanting to sing a different tune.

IG has spoken and rainbow nails are THE move.

Who knew indecision could create such an inspired moment? A look through the #rainbownails hashtag is filled with a bevy of different interpretations of rainbow nails -- from rainbow French manicures to a variation of pastels or primary colors, rainbow nails are a technicolor dream and a perfect segue into the spring season.

For your viewing pleasure, we rounded up some of our favorite rainbow nails and nail color recommendations below:

Jade Williams 

Jenny Ong

Melody Ehsani


Poppy Olivia

Nails by Juni



Asia Scott

Emily Weiss

Julie Hardy



Featured image by Jade Williams / Instagram

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