Niecy Nash On The Three Words That Have Shaped Her Career & Her Success

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"Stand in a place where you believe the best is yet to come for you and that is what you will receive." - Niecy Nash

When life takes unexpected turns for what may seem the worst, it's often difficult to keep the faith and push through whatever life may throw at you.

Not letting life experiences define you or distract you from your goals is often easier said than done. However, what seems impossible is very possible. In fact, more often than not, it's the story behind some of the most success people to grace the Earth.

Niecy Nash is one of the most talented black actresses and comedians to grace the Hollywood scene and her journey has been anything but easy. Niecy went through many experiences in her life that could have pushed even the strongest person to give up but Niecy believes that it's those experiences that have made her stronger.

In ESSENCE's Ladies Panel on Strength, Niecy shared how her past hardships have shaped her present and future:

"I think what happened for me is that my background was filled with alot of broken places. I saw my mother get shot when I was a young kid. My only brother was murdered. I went through a divorce and when I signed that paper--my ex-husband was my pastor. I lost my husband, church, and my man all with the signing of a pen. But I decided the summary of those experiences could not define me. I went through it but I'm not that."

Recently, Niecy sat down with The Grio to discuss the power of being a visionary and speaking your destiny into existence.

"God will always stamp your destiny on the canvas of your imagination. Things will happen that will make you want to doubt that, make you want to question that, make you want to second guess that. But I say hold on that no matter what. Whatever else is happening, because the man don't lie, you hold on to the thing that he gave you. You tuck that in and you pursue that thing. The three [words] I live by in my career is 'no matter what.' I don't care if I have to cry all the way to an audition where I have to go be funny. When I get in there, I'm going to wipe my face, pull up and walk in and be like 'She's here. There she is. She's ready!''"

On why she believes in the power of the word "no":

"The most powerful word to me in the English language is 'no.' Because when I'm saying 'no' to you, guess what--I'm saying 'yes' to me. Come on yes!"

On why she chooses to uplift those around her:

"I was in a situation when my mind changed about what I wanted, everything around me changed, and I purposed to get the promise. What is the promise? Happiness, love, being a blessing to others--I just purposed to be that to others in spite of my past, and that's how I push through."

On society's outlook on fear vs. her personal way of conquering it:

"It's so interesting because society will tell you to try to conquer your fear before you enter in. And I just feel like I don't care if I'm scared, I'm still going. I could feel a way but I'm gone put on my shoes and I'm still gone walk in that room. And the 3 words that have pushed me through that place are 'no matter what.' I've been to comedy auditions where I wanted to go in there being so funny, crying the whole way there because something happened, but I wasn't going to turn that car around. I was going to pull up in that lot, get that makeup out and smack it back down."

We can't underestimate that power that our imagination and our tongue has on the outcomes we see in life. It's the reason why create vision boards, mantras, and other tools that we use to help manifest good things into our lives. Take a page out of Niecy's book and start envisioning the lift that God already has carved out for you.

Watch her full interview with The Grio below.

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