7 Mother/Hustlers On How To Secure A Bag & Your Sanity At The Same Damn Time

These smooth Mother/Hustlers refuse to let the grind, grind them to death.


In xoNecole's series Mother/Hustler, we sit down with influential mom bosses who open up about the ups and downs of motherhood, as well as how they kill it in their respective industries, all while keeping their sanity and being intentional about self-care.

Securing a check shouldn't cost you your sanity. Let that sink in for a minute. Your hustle shouldn't hustle you out of your peace of mind and these smooth Mother/Hustlers refuse to let the grind, grind them to death. xoNecole sat down with 7 mommy moguls who broke down the secret to getting both your mind and your money all the way in alignment and according to LA-based digital content creator Jessica Pettway, there's power in having patience with yourself.

"Listen, I'm still trying to figure this out!" she explained, "Especially since I do it on my own––no nanny, no childcare, plus I homeschool. Life as a mom is so unpredictable at times, that you sometimes go off schedule. But I don't beat myself up over it. You just make adjustments and move on."

Along with saying goodbye to doubt and negative self-talk, Jessica, who has a six-year-old daughter and a bun in the oven, says that getting a good night's sleep and creating boundaries between her personal and professional life has allowed her to stay in her bag while keeping others out of her business. "I love the fact that my life is my life and I don't have to explain it to the internet. I share just enough, but my business is my business. That's how you stay sane in these social media streets."

For more tips from 7 wise Mother/Hustlers on how to secure a bag without sacrificing your sanity, scroll below!

Jessica Pettway, Fashion & Beauty Blogger

How (and how often) do you practice self-care?

"I try to practice it as much as I can, even if that means just 30 minutes a day. I love just getting fresh air and walking outside. It can be by the beach or someplace in LA. I enjoy people-watching too, so sitting in a cafe with a latte and watching strangers is my idea of 'me time.'"

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"I always say, do not try to impress folks who aren't financially contributing to your lifestyle. Enjoy life, but be honest about your income. Be content with what you have and you'll always have more than enough."

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Nadirah Ali, CEO of For Brown Gurls 

How (and how often) do you practice self-care?

"I practice self-care every day. I believe if you look good, you feel good, you'll do good. I work out every day to keep my body in shape. I eat healthy and regularly pamper myself. My favorite way to spend me time is visiting the spa. I like to get massages and facials. I also love to read new books and listen to motivational speakers."

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"Time management is so important when being a mommy mogul. If you don't plan, you're planning to fail. If you can't buy it 10 times, you can't afford it. Whether its a piece of gum, a brand new car, or getting your nails done. You should be putting your money into things that can make you more money."

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Monica Bencomo, Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

How (and how often) do you practice self-care?

"Every. Day. I won't get out of bed until I've meditated, prayed, gone over my gratitude, and asked for guidance. For me, self-care is not an option or a luxury; it's vital to my overall health and happiness as a mom."

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"Have family meetings. If you're married, you and your partner need to be on the same page. If you're single, you can do this yourself. My husband and I meet weekly and monthly to go over things like finances, goals, etc so we're on the same page. Develop a vision as a family, and practice discipline! If you decide you want to buy a home in the next two years, for example, plan to spend more frugally and save a certain amount each time you're paid. Set tangible goals you can measure. And check progress each time you meet."

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Kathlyn Celeste, Lifestyle Blogger

What is your favorite way to spend "me time"?

"Do trips to Target count? This is something I'm trying to get better at. This [past] year, I made it a priority to have 'date days with Jesus' where I schedule out a huge block of time one day a week where I spend time in my word, journaling, and just talking to God all day. Through this, I've learned so much about myself by spending time with the One who created me. It's literally changed me in ways I'm so grateful for. [This] year, I'm planning to start taking violin lessons as part of my me time! I played in elementary school and when I think about doing something for myself that has nothing to do with work or anyone else, I thought that would be cool to try again!"

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"Budget, budget, budget! Save, save, save! Take some time to create a spreadsheet and list out all of your income coming in, and every penny going out. Each week, you should update this sheet and it'll give you a better idea of what you can actually afford and where you may have to cut back. I think once you get started, you'll fall in love with managing your money and being in control of it, rather than it controlling you!"

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Shanicia Boswell, CEO of Black Moms Blog

How (and how often) do you practice self-care?

"You hear this a lot now, about self-care not just being about getting your nails done and spa days. It is true. I practice self-care mentally by reserving time to myself. I practice self-care financially by protecting my assets and creating stability in my credit to be able to purchase a home. I practice self-care in my spirit by not being involved with things that truly serve no higher purpose to my well-being. On a not-so-deep level, I love to tell moms, find a way to make self-care realistic for you. Every woman doesn't need a two-week vacation out of the country. Sometimes you just need a Snickers bar hiding in the bathroom from your kids. Don't feel guilty for that."

"Find a way to make self-care realistic for you. Every woman doesn't need a two-week vacation out of the country. Sometimes you just need a Snickers bar hiding in the bathroom from your kids. Don't feel guilty for that."

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"Financial planning is self-care. Can we put that on a t-shirt? My advice to women for financial planning is don't let the daunting thought of getting your finances in order scare you from actually doing it. Get help. There are so many programs and companies that help with credit repair and homeownership. When it comes to your business, learn how tax breaks can help you and where to invest your money for greater returns. Financial freedom should always be the goal and the only way to do it successfully is to just start the process. Just start."

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Jehava Brown, Lifestyle Blogger

How (and how often) do you practice self-care?

"Once a week, I have a night out with a girlfriend. We typically go somewhere good for dinner, but it's so relaxing to unwind and eat alone in peace. When I go back to my family, I feel energized and ready to take on the busyness of life. This is something I made a priority a few years ago, and it has made all the difference."

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"Every month my husband and I sit down to plan out our household budget and where we want our money to go. We also do quarterly goals for savings, paying off debt, investing and so on. We did this when we had 2 cents to our name and we were trying to save $50 in a month, and we still do this now with a six-figure household.

"As far as business goes, I have multiple accounts for business expenses, savings, and taxes. This makes everything so much easier at the end of the year. I make sure that I pay everything out of these accounts, and never cross them with our family accounts. A plan makes all the difference in reaching your financial goals. Be sure to give yourself little rewards to stay encouraged along the way as you meet those milestones."

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Brandi Sellerz-Jackson, Doula 

How (and how often) do you practice self-care?

"I try my hardest to practice self-care before I become overextended or in need of it. Keyword… try. For me, sometimes self-care looks like going to the Korean Spa and taking a soak. Sometimes, it looks like me preparing an amazing dish, just for me. Other times, self-care looks like me intentionally going to bed early. Self-care is all about listening and responding to your body's needs. Because I have three boys, one can imagine that our home is pretty loud. When I need 'me time', it usually involves some level of quiet. I love to sit in complete silence and just gather my thoughts. Put pen to paper. Breathe."

What tips do you have for financial planning, both professionally and for your family?

"Budget, budget, budget. Vision board or simply write down your financial goals. Whatever it looks like, keep the goal front and center."

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