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ItGirl In Motion: Alicia Scott Is Bringing The South To The Forefront With Her Inclusive Beauty Brand

Meet Alicia Scott, CEO and founder of Range Beauty and "ItGirl from the South." Alicia is one of the many faces on xoNecole's inaugural ItGirl 100 list in partnership with Hyundai. In the limited video series "ItGirl in Motion," she describes what she thinks an ItGirl is.

"I believe being an ItGirl is always staying true to yourself no matter what. No matter what the trend is, no matter what people are saying across social, whatever is viral, you're staying true to your values, your morals, and your own standards and you set the tone always," she says.

Alicia personifies ItGirl, especially as a business owner. Her company, Range Beauty, targets those who are often underrepresented and gives them the opportunity to feel seen. "To start an inclusive beauty business, it means you're taking on an entire world. You're doing something that a lot of people unfortunately don't think is necessary," she explains.

She even includes a personal note with each package to echo further the importance of making customers feel included. "Every time an order goes out, we include a personalized note from me saying, 'I'm with you, I feel you, I see you, and you're never forgotten with Range,'" she reveals.

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Being a beauty brand from the South, Alicia is also filling in spaces that other brands have often ignored. Range Beauty is based in Atlanta, Georgia, which is considered a major hub in the South. However, she says that the beauty industry often overlooks this region. "To be an ItGirl from the South is incredible," she states, "especially because beauty is so underrepresented here. A lot of brands overlook the audience and customers here, especially within the Black community. Honestly, raising my brand from here and putting the South on the map when it comes to beauty has been such a treasure."

Get to know more about the beauty boss in the video above.

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As they say, create the change you want to see in this world, besties. That’s why xoNecole linked up with Hyundai for the inaugural ItGirl 100 List, a celebration of 100 Genzennial women who aren’t afraid to pull up their own seats to the table. Across regions and industries, these women embody the essence of discovering self-value through purpose, honey! They're fierce, they’re ultra-creative, and we know they make their cities proud.


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For instance, even though I am aware that both Hebrew and African cultures put a lot of stock in the name of a child (because they believe it speaks to their purpose; so do I) and I know that my name is pretty much Hebrew for divine covenant, it’s still wild that in a couple of years, I will have been working with married couples for a whopping two decades — and boy, is it an honor when they will say something like, “Shellie, we’ve seen [professionally] multiple people and no one has been nearly as effective as you have been.”