How To Dress For The Career That You Want

Manifesting your destiny includes dressing for your dream job.


Manifesting your destiny includes dressing for your dream job.

A wise man once said that you have to act on the level you're expecting, and dressing for the elevation you desire is a part of that manifestation. My mentor once told me that you have to treat everyday on your current job like an interview. That means giving your absolute best, from your skillset to your style choices. Of course, this will vary across job fields because an aspiring principal may not have the same capsule wardrobe as a fashion designer.

To some degree, dressing your best shows your executive proficiency which can lead to a promotion. And let's be real, we judge every book by its cover because it gives insight on the pages in the book. When choosing your signature career style, be intentional about what that first impression will represent. Those daily impressions can affect your career trajectory so we want to be sure you have some tips and tricks for your next level.

Next find some looks that prepare you for that coming advancement!

For the teacher who wants to be a principal...

Being a school leader comes with many responsibilities. Dressing the part should be at the top of the list. As a principal, your capsule wardrobe isn't complete without a slew of dresses varying in style and patterns. Pencil skirts and blouses are also a must. While we love Aichata's strappy sandals, we know a good principal in training will have a comfy pair of flats or sneakers near by.

For the lawyer trying to make partner...

Beverly Beal is "Legally Brown" in all the best ways. And she started by using her wardrobe to declare her next level as her best level. As a lawyer, a good, tailored suit can go a long way. For example, Beverly opted to wear her suit as a one hitter quitter but she can also rock each piece with other staples. On one day, the pants can be worn with a ruffle top and leopard flats. On another day, the blazer can be worn with a polka dot pencil skirt. The variety is endless!

For the fashion blogger becoming a fashion designer...

In your new line of work as a fashion designer, risk-taking is all-important. Search for bold pieces that reveal your vivid imagination and ability to pair balanced staples. Designers are also known to don all-black with their extensive work behind the scenes.You'll need to find the sweet spot of knowing when to show out and when to keep it low key.

For the assistant vying to be a CEO...

CEOs command every room they walk in and in order for you to do that, you will need to cop some boss pieces. It doesn't matter what company you'll be heading, you want to style yourself in a way that exudes power. From intricate detailed staples like Sade's pants to the bold red lip, her entire getup oozes boss babe. And there's style inspiration everywhere but make sure you also keep to your own unique aesthetic.

For the writer that wants to be an editor...

With all of your creative juices flowing, don't forget to let some of those juices spill over into your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to wear unconventional pieces; it will grab the attention of your boss just as you grab the attention of your readers. Take a note from Elaine, she took these pajamas and made them super high fashion by pairing them with stilettos and simple, dainty jewelry.

For the TA aiming for the professor position...

Abena looks like she's ready to take on the world in her slip dress and button down. We love the dress layering for the days leading into the fall semester. Professors often have to run from classroom to classroom, so why not be gone with the wind fabulous in a breathable frock and comfy flats? The backpack and watch are also ideal for this line of work.

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