Chanel Iman And Sterling Shepard Shock Everyone With News Of Their Divorce
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Chanel Iman And Sterling Shepard Shock Everyone With News Of Their Divorce

Fans of Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard were shocked to learn that the couple is no longer together. What was even more surprising to fans was that the New York Giants player actually filed for divorce from the supermodel in June 2021. While neither one of them has commented on the recent frenzy over their split, fans have taken to social media to share their sadness over the couple’s demise.

The court documents cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the couple’s divorce.

Prior to the recent discovery, there were rumors brewing about the couple breaking up. Neither one of them no longer had photos of them together on their social media pages, however, they both shared countless adorable images of their kids.

The former couple share two daughters, Cali Clay and Cassie Snow.

Chanel and Sterling got married in 2018 at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and just five months later, the former Victoria Secret model gave birth to Cali.

And one year later, they welcomed their second child Cassie. During happier times, the 31-year-old gushed about being a newlywed and a new mother in an interview with Essence.

“One of my biggest accomplishments was pushing a baby out!” she said. “Once she was born and the doctors placed her on my chest, it was the most magical moment I’d ever felt; when you meet your child it’s the best feeling. It’s crazy what us women can do.”

She later said that she “married the man of my dreams.”

“My wedding was amazing— a fairytale. I kept my wedding dress and reception dress for Cali, and I have so many handbags and dresses for her if she wants them.”

We hope that the former couple continues to remain amicable.

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