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The first time that I ever found myself concerned with the visibility of a panty line was during my 8th grade graduation. I found the most beautiful dress that unfortunately highlighted the lining of my undergarments. My mom made me wear a thong under that dress, even though I would have preferred to wear no underwear at all.

Walking around with a thong a.k.a. a semi-permanent wedgie drove my nuts after just a few minutes.

At that age, I never even thought of it was a possibility to actually no wear underwear at all. It was something that “we" just don't do as the elder women in my family would say. Little did they know, it may have just been the best thing that they've never tried.

By the time I was in high school, that “only nasty girls go outside without panties on" mentality that was embedded in my head since I was a preteen slowly started to wither away. In fact, I became very close friends with someone whose views of going commando was totally opposite from what I had been taught all of my life. In fact, her mom is a true commando connoisseur, opting out of wearing underwear most days. Getting a better understanding of what life was like “free-balling" from people who have actually done it is what got me to try it out for myself. It's actually pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

Like most women, when I'm faced with the many wonder of life, I turn to my circle of friends. Here were the responses I got on the big question at hand. To go commando, or not to go commando.

"That sh*t is a lifestyle for me. It's freeform...freedom. And if need be easy access. It's breathable. I feel like it's especially great when I wear a dress or skirt or some loose fitted pants." - Melissa

"I like not wearing panties some times. I wear panties with jeans though. I definitely don't wear panties at night. My mom tried to tell me to (not wear panties at night) and I would have a fit. Like...I have to wear panties!" - Tonya

"I'm scared of sweating (if I'm outside). I usually go commando at home and when I sleep though." - Shauna

"At first I thought it was something that fast. Nasty girls did and I was just like heck no. But one day drastic times called for desperate measures and I realized what I have been missing all of this time." - Michelle

"I personally don't do it because I think way too hard. What if I sweat and it leaves a stain? What if aunty flow makes an unexpected appearance? Yeah, I'll pass on that one." - Kori

"I think it depends on what you have on. I don't really go commando unless it's something that requires it like a dress or skirt where you will see the pantyline. But I would never go commando in pants. That just seems uncomfortable to me. Or short skirts." - Danielle

It seem like it may be some hope for going commando after all. Yet and still, some women feel going outside without panties is utterly disgusting, while others are all for letting their vajayjays get some fresh air at least every once in a while. One gynecologist, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, M.D. in fact stated that “if [the area] is constantly covered—especially by a fabric that's not moisture-wicking or absorbent---moisture collects...That's a perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast." Yikes, that's a bit frightening.

If that's not enough to get you to try it, here are some other things for you to keep in mind:

It's SUPER comfortable

I barely can describe the feeling in words. I can tell you personally, when you have a little bit more junk in your trunk most cuts of underwear feel super uncomfortable, especially with pants. Thongs can be irritating to the skin. Others give you unwanted bumps and bulges. No underwear, no problems. There are even panty liners made specifically for going commando.

No more panty lines

You probably once in your life had on a bomb dress and while you're checking yourself out in the mirror, you realize that your panty line is trying to make a statement. ANNOYING. No panties---you guessed it---no panty line. Of course you could opt for thongs or another type of butt floss underwear with less coverage for you're rear end, but the absence of constant chaffing may push you to do otherwise.

It does more good than harm

There is no direct correlation between not wearing underwear and contracting infections. Generally speaking, you are safe when going commando as long as you are wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton. This is rule of thumb even when wearing underwear. Go for cotton!

It may make you feel somewhat sexy

Some women admit to feeling sexy when they have on cute underwear, even if no one ever gets to see them. No underwear may heighten those feelings. May just a bit.

If you're thinking about going commando but are a little reluctant to try it out, just take baby steps. Start by doing it at night then when you're sleep. Next, try it when you are just chilling in the comfort of your own home. If you feel comfortable enough to take it to the great outdoors, just try it. You'll never really know if it's for you unless you try it first. Take it from me.

Try it just once and let's us know if you give going commando a thumbs up or if it's still getting the side eye from you. We want to know your experiences!

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