Angela Simmons Opens Up About Her Self-Love Journey Following Online Negativity About Her Curves
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Angela Simmons Opens Up About Her Self-Love Journey Following Online Negativity About Her Curves

Angela Simmons sent the internet into a frenzy over the weekend after clips surfaced of the model walking the runway during Miami’s Swim Week. The mother of one modeled the latest looks from Matte Collection and while she received a lot of praise for her natural curves she was also hit with negativity, which led to many folks defending her.

Angela seemingly responded to the initial criticism on Instagram after she uploaded a couple of photos from the runway with the caption, “Raw no edit . REAL bodies matter 🤷🏽♀️and thick thighs save lives lol.” However, more recently, she hopped on Instagram Live and opened up about her journey to self-love.

“I can’t stress to y’all enough how not feeling good in who you are affects everything you do,” she said. “And for a long time that stopped me from wanting to do other stuff but I was so young and I had so many journals on how I felt about myself.”

She continued, “I was such a young woman and I thought being 80 pounds was big and I really had issues growing up about it and eventually I got a real grip on what it was and how I had control over who I am. I made the shifts, I made the changes. Even now, people be like ‘you can’t be vegan because you thick.‘ Well, I’m vegan! I love my body.”

The Growing Up Hip Hop star has been open about the body image issues she faced as an adolescent and has made it her mission to help other women dealing with those same struggles. She created her Built Not Bought program which she has used on social media to promote healthy dialogue about women’s bodies and she regularly shares videos of her rigorous workouts.

The designer has learned a lot on her self-love journey and encouraged her fans to love themselves no matter what.

“It’s so important to love your body. It’s so important to love who you are regardless of what everyone says is cool for the moment,” she said.

Angela closed out her IG Live with inspiring words and letting viewers know that when it comes to your body ‘it’s not about a trend, your body’s not a trend, it’s a temple.”

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