For Adrienne & Israel Houghton, This Is The Key To A Successful Marriage
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For Adrienne & Israel Houghton, This Is The Key To A Successful Marriage

A few weeks ago, Fantasia made some pretty controversial statements about women and why their lack of submission is keeping them single, and the ladies of The Real had a few words to say about it. While Tamera agreed that a woman should let her man lead the household, Adrienne Houghton said that she had an alternative perspective and opened up about these views on a her YouTube channel, All Things Adrienne.

Adrienne and her husband, Israel Houghton have been married since 2016 and say that the key to maintaining marital bliss is being open to an exchange of power. For this couple, the head of the household really depends on the day of the week. Adrienne explained:

"I think that we're definitely more of a modern, progressive couple in a lot of ways. Obviously we have a blended family, that's one way. [We're] professionals. Although I believe that there are a lot of things about us that are very traditional. I would say I don't like to put us in a box."

Although the couple has been known to take a more traditional approach when it comes to their relationship, even opting for celibacy until their wedding day, Adrienne and Israel say that their marriage is far from the norm. She continued:

"I don't like to put us in a box where it's like we're traditional and then the day that we're not doing something traditional, it's like woo, that's not how it's supposed to be. He supposed to be in charge or I'm supposed to be in charge. No, some days he's in charge, some days I'm in charge and that's okay."

Adrienne says that time, research, and patience have allowed her to develop a newfound perspective when it comes to marriage which included redefining her preconceived expectations about what a relationship should be:

"I read this amazing article, actually, it was by Vanessa Williams in Glamour magazine where she talks about her three marriages and what she learned from being married three times. And I just found it fascinating. I read that and there was something that I took away from that that I really loved. And one of the things was expectations and how you think something is supposed to be is actually what ruins us the most in life. This is supposed to be this way and then when it isn't that way you're like, then it's ruined."

In the past, Adrienne has been transparent about the fact that Israel was not quite what she had envisioned for her future, but ultimately, he turned out to be so much more than she could have expected:

"I think there's something really beautiful to surrendering to your marriage because it's not always going to be the way you planned it to be. And there's nothing like just surrendering to the journey and loving every moment of it as opposed to like it was supposed to be this way. Like I was supposed to marry a man that had never been married before, had never had children before, and that can ruin you the most in life."

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