3 Universal Brow Products That Will Simplify Slaying Your Brows


Though brows may be a small feature on the face, it goes without saying that it makes a huge impact on your overall look.

There's a fine line between undefined and over-defined brows, and it's often hard to find a happy medium. Between shape, color, and type of product, it can be hard to find the right brow product to naturally enhance your eyebrows. One simple solution to all of your brow woes is trying a universal brow pencil. And yes, universal as in a brow pencil that can work for varying brow hairs and skin tones.

A pencil alone allows you to properly fill in your brows but an universal brow pencil removes the headache of trying to find the perfect shade to go with your brows. Universal brow pencils were created to make choosing the perfect brow pencil easy. All universal brow pencils aren't created equally but we found a few that really live up to their names. We did all the work so you wouldn't have to.

If you're looking to up your brow game in 2019, try one of these universal brow pencils to get a jump start:

It Cosmetics ​Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

It Cosmetics


This oval shaped brow pencil is infused with moisturizing conditioners, such as biotin, to nourish your brows while you slay.

Winky Lux Unibrow Pencil

Winky Lux


For the best results, apply light pressure for light colored brows and hard pressure for dark brows. Either way, your brows will be on fleek.

BIllion Dollar Brows Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Billion Dollar Brows UK


As the brand's name suggests, this super creamy brow pencil will make your brows look like a billion bucks, no matter the shade or the thickness.

Featured image by Stocksy.

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