Everything New & Black AF On Netflix This October
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Everything New & Black AF On Netflix This October

It's that time of the year, again.

The time of year where the trees die beautifully. The air turns crisp. The pumpkin returns as a lantern and latte. The tricks turn to treats. Horrifying halloween costumes, quests for candy, and festivals are…


Let's be honest, everything that made this season the beauty that we all cherished, has been cancelled due to ratched Lady Rona. That is to say, everything but the best thing: Fall movies and shows are back! Well, sort of back. The new season of our favorite shows might be delayed, however, thanks to Netflix, we can rewatch our old favorites like it's the very first time. Plus, we can enjoy the gut-twisting suspense of horror films and shows like the season demands.

Keep reading to check out what is new to Netflix this month.

Everything That's New & Black AF On Netflix In October 2020

October 1: Boomerang


Boomerang is an all-black classic starring Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, and Halle Berry. The 1992 picture is a film about an ad exec lothario (played by Murphy) that gets a taste of his medicine when his new boss embodies the female version of Murphy.

October 1: The Parkers (Season 1-5)

CBS for Getty Images

Dang, Mama. After waiting for what feels like forever, The Parkers finally landed on Netflix. Sit back and enjoy every second of Kim's ambitious outfits, Nikki's relentless flirting, Professor Oglevee's persistent reluctance, and Stevie and T's silly antics. As a spinoff to Moesha, aspiring fashion designer, Kim Parker is mortified when her vivacious mother, Nikki Parker, decides to enroll in the same community college as her. Watch as Kim tries to navigate life and her mother's new desire to be young, again. As one of the eminent black family shows, The Parkers will have you wishing they never left in the first place.

October 1: Evil (Season 1)

CBS Drama/Netflix

The age old debate of science v. religion returns with a series worth considering. Evil follows two individuals as they unravel the mysteries of a local church, who show's the working of supposed miracles, demonic acts, and strange occurrences.

October 1: Free State of Jones (2016)


Clearly on the wrong side of the Civil War, Newt Knight serves as a medic for the Confederate Army, while refusing to fight against the Union. After being forced to die or flee, Knight teams up with a group of runaway slaves to create a historic rebellion.

October 2: Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)


Our deepest fears can be found in some of our realest realities, and Vampires vs. the Bronx is proof of that. The very real reality of gentrification is turned on its head in this horror comedy where a group of teenagers in the Bronx must protect their neighborhood from the vampires that invade their community. Reality bites.

October 6: Saturday Church (2017)

After the death of his father, Ulysses finds himself taking on the responsibilities of his dad. If that isn't bad enough, he must struggle with questioning his gender identity and becoming accepted by those in his community and the transgender community.

October 6: Walk Away From Love

Walk Away From Love

No, this isn't the David Ruffin song that your grandmother played, but it does have some melanin for your pleasure. This film tells of a single attorney who learns to love again after leaving a three-year relationship.

October 9: The Forty-Year-Old Version (2020)

This Sundance stellar focuses on a Radha, a 39-year-old rapper, who reinvents herself in hopes to make it big before 40.

October 15: Half & Half (Seasons 1-4)

No longer do you have to wait on random Sunday afternoons for Half & Half to stumble onto your televisions with Mona's husky voice luring you in about going, "through the journey of discovery." Instead, summon them up whenever you're looking for some sisterly fun. Following two half-sisters, Mona and Dee-Dee, enjoy the adventures and silly shenanigans that transpire after the sisters meet for the first time, as adults. Half & Half will warm your heart, make you smile, and most importantly, it'll make you laugh.

October 15: One on One (Seasons 1-5)


Four Words: Kyla Pratt. Flex Alexander. If that's not enough to bring you in, I don't know what is. Forced to be his daughter's sole guardian, or lose her forever, Flex takes on the responsibility of becoming a single father. While his ex-wife pursues a job out of the country, Flex struggles to raise his teenage daughter, Breanna, and navigate his life after losing his dream career in the NBA. With the help of a ridiculous best friend, and Breanna's godfather, Duane, Breanna's best friend, Spirit, and charming, but naive Arnaz, Flex and Breanna try to navigate a world where they see each other for more than two weeks.

October 15: Social Distance (Season 1)

In this anthology series, Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan sets out to explore the different stages of solitary confinement during our mandated social distancing.

October 15: A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting (2020)

This book-turned-film follows a babysitter who travels on a mission to rescue a child taken by monsters.

October 16: Grand Army (2020)


This drama series has the diversity you craved while growing up. Being a teenager is hard enough, but it's the least of their problems, in this telling story of five high school students as they navigate sexual, racial, and political identities and hardships.

October 27: Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine

Best-selling author and comedienne Sarah Cooper flexes her undeniable talent in this forthcoming Netflix variety special that promises viewers "short interviews, sketches, and more shenanigans" will ensue.

October 30: His House (2020)

His House/Netflix

Being a refugee is hard, you have to leave your home, loved ones, and culture behind. Nevertheless, it can only get more complicated when you add a supernatural aspect in every crack and corner of your home. Unfortunately, this couple is in for a ride.

Everything New To Netflix In October 2020: The Complete List

October 1

44 Cats/Netflix

44 Cats (Season 2)

Personally, I find 44 cats to be 44 cats too many, but despite its large number, children can't seem to get enough 44 Cats. Returning for season two, follow the adventures of four kittens who make up the musical group called "The Buffycats". With catchy songs and cute adventures, you and your kids will be thankful for these singing felines.

A.M.I. (2019)

For years, people have been shouting from the highest mountains the negative effects of technology. Despite their shouts, we've listened passively as we stared into our phones. Now, there is another horror movie that tells us the dangers of using too much technology. Artificial Machine Intelligence (A.M.I) tells of a 17-year-old developer whose technology forces her to create murderous acts.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)

Returning for a typical 90s sequel, Jim Carrey reprises the role of legendary pet detective Ace Ventura. After leaving retirement, Ace Ventura must retrieve an endangered white bat from a village in Africa. As you've guessed, it doesn't turn out to be the best of ideas.

All Because of You (2020)

My pathetic, hopeless romantic heart beats wildly for this international film. After falling for a guest, an unsuspecting hotel staffer becomes involved in a hostage scheme and finds love in what even Rihanna herself would consider a hopeless place.

Along Came a Spider (2001)

Like a spider, Alex Cross is willing to take as long as he can to weave the perfect trap. In the psychological thriller, Morgan Freeman, a detective and psychologist, decides to play a psychological game with criminals, but that all changes when he is the one lured into another's web.

An Ordinary Man (2017) 

Any time someone is called "ordinary", you can guarantee they'll be anything but. This film is no different. Like a tormented, modernized, live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, a war criminal uses his newly-hired maid to comfort him. Will he continue to abuse her, or will hours alone together turn into something more?

Bakugan: Battle Planet (Season 2)

After Bakugan emerged in a worldwide phenomenon called "Awakening", Dan and friends work with their Bakugan to stop those who enslave, control, and destroy the Bakugan creatures.

Basic Instinct


Basic Instinct

A story of obsession, this 1990s neo-noir erotic thriller clearly shows why a detective dating the girlfriend of a murder victim, isn't the best of ideas. With the relentless twists and turns, this is a throwback mystery-thriller worth watching this eerie season.

Black ‘47 (2018)

Step aside local mercenaries, the Irish have arrived. Based in 1847, Black '47 focuses on an Irish mercenary who evades his post when revenge for his family is needed.

Cape Fear (1991)

Earning Robert De Niro a nominee for Best Actor, Cape Fear is another psychological thriller for the Halloween season. After going to prison for a crime he didn't commit, Max Cady leaves prison with a promise to get revenge on the person who wronged him.

Carlos Almaraz: Playing with Fire 

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month comes a documentary on a dynamic Mexican-American painter, Carlos Almaraz, and his legacy, 30 years after his death.

Carmen Sandiego (Season 3)

Although it feels like it just premiered yesterday, Carmen Sandiego returns for its third season, with Sandiego traveling the world, fighting internationally. While attempting to solve one problem, Sandiego finds herself entering another when events from her past make her a super thief.

Code Lyoko

As a French-animated series, the story centers around a group of teenagers who travel to a virtual world to stop the threat of an impending virus.

Employee of the Month (2006)

Contrary to the title, this is anything but a movie about an employee wanting to earn the Employee of the Month title. Instead, this is a movie about a guy who meets a girl, and thinks the girl is hot. But, naturally, the girl is uninterested, so the guy tries to get the Employee of the Month title in hopes of impressing and winning the girl. It's a straight to the point comedy, but that doesn't mean you won't release a chuckle or two.

Enemy at the Gates (2001) 

As if running away from Nazis isn't bad enough, Russian soldier Vassili must elude a Nazi assassin after being made the face of the Russian's military campaign. Now, with a bigger target on his back, Vassili must survive the war, assassins, and traitorous allies.

Familiar Wife (Season 1) 

In this romance, fantasy drama, Cha Joo-hyuk finds himself living a completely different life after he makes a decision that supernaturally impacts his life and the life of everyone around him.

Fargo (1996)

Another eerie drama to add to your list is Fargo. When a salesman finds himself in debt, he plots the kidnapping of his wife in hopes to acquire ransom and alleviate his debt.

​Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma: The Second Plate 

Before you suspect otherwise, no, this is not a cooking show. Nevertheless, this anime will have you on the edge of your seat. Returning for its second season, Soma Yukihira continues his journey through the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy.

Ghost Rider (2007)

After selling his soul to save a loved one, Johnny Blaze is called to be an agent of justice. Wherever evil roams, the Ghost Rider is sure to follow. After being sent to destroy the villain, Blackheart, Blaze quickly learns that the road to hell is paved with more than good intentions.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

Just when you thought seeing your ex in public couldn't get worse, Mark Waters made a film about what happens when you can't escape them. One the eve of his brother's wedding, Connor Mead travels through his failed past relationships.

​Gran Torino (2008) 

Despising his Asian, Latino, and Black neighbors, Walt Kowalski travels on a journey of redemption after saving an Asian teen, Thao Vang Lor, from a group of gangbangers and thieves.

Her (2013)

One of the biggest movies of 2013, Her returns to Netflix. Receiving the Academy Award for Writing, Best Original Screenplay, Her tells the story of a sensitive, newly divorced, hopeless romantic who becomes infatuated with an intuitive operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

House of 1,000 Corpses (2003) 

As a person who believes a house filled with one corpse is too many, House of 1,000Corpses has me thinking otherwise. Following an ill-fated couple, we travel into the House of 1,000 corpses where individuals lurk around the corner, waiting for their next victims.

Human Nature (2019) 

This riveting documentary following the tech revolution known as CRISPR. With CRISPR, human beings have been given the control over the creation of life. From curing disease, to reshaping biospheres, and even designing our own children, this documentary makes for an interesting view. Why? Well, because it's anything but Human Nature.

Hunt for Wilderpeople

​Hunt for Wilderpeople (2016) 

Taika Waititi has struck again, and it makes you wonder what bleak life you led before his sensational strangeness blessed your screen. Now, you have one more chance to be blessed. Watch as a young boy and his foster father become victims of the Most Dangerous game and have to survive a manhunt on an island in New Zealand.

​I'm Leaving Now/Ya Me Voy (2018) 

After 16 years away, Felipe decides to return home to Mexico from Brooklyn, New York.

​Poseidon (2006) 

When a tidal wave overwhelms a cruise, survivors must stick together to overcome the murderous storm.

Secreto bien guardado (Season 1) 

​Gone too soon, Argentinian drama mini-series is a romance drama set in a novela.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

Imagine going through life and having a British woman narrate all of your deepest thoughts, desires, and actions, how would you react? If you answered: negatively, then this movie is just for you. Starring Will Ferrell, an unstable IRS auditor's world is turned upside down, when he becomes the new subject of a novelist's latest work.

Superman Returns (2006)

Before he was the pure-hearted, loveable scientist and Atom, Ray Palmer, in DC's Legend of Tomorrow, Brandon Routh was the "Man of Steel". If you're feeling a little nostalgic or simply looking for the "truth, justice, and American way that was promised," check out Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.

Sword Art Online (Season 3/ Alicization) 

Originally a Japanese novel, Sword Art Online returns for its third season as their characters, Kirito and Asuna, continue to compete in virtual realities.

The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) 

Their car was named General Lee and their tight pants left nothing to the imagination, The Dukes of Hazzard show good-hearted misfits Bo and Luke Duke, enjoying traveling through rural Hazzard County as the boys get away with practically everything and anything under the sun.

The Longest Yard (1974) 

With a nation that loves football the way it does, it was only a matter of time before The Longest Yard returned to Netflix. In it, disgraced football quarterback Paul Crewe joins a team of inmates in this underdog piece.

​The Outpost (2020) 

If you liked the movie 13 Hours, this military movie might be for you. In this film, U.S soldiers fight Taliban fighters in the retelling of America's bloodiest battle from the Afghanistan War.

​The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012) 

In a quest to win the title of Pirate of the Year, the Pirate Captain, sails through rough waters to defeat his enemies and obtain the prize of a lifetime.

The Prince and Me (2004) 

​The Prince and Me was such a cute movie, they decided to make it four more times. Take a moment to fall in love with the story of a college girl who meets a Prince posing as a normal college student.

​The Unicorn (Season 1) 

When one hears of Unicorns, they think magic and fairy tales. This show is not that. Though, that doesn't mean it isn't worth watching. In this CBS comedy, Wade and friends try to find a new normal after the death of his wife.

The Worst Witch (Season 4) 

​In this show, Mildred Hubble finds herself trying to survive the trials and tribulations of Miss Cackle's, witch, Academy.

​Troy (2004) 

Young Brad Pitt. Homer's Iliad. Let the battle ensue. Enough said.

​WarGames (1983) 

In search of the newest video game, David Lightman, finds himself on the verge of starting another World War, when he stumbles onto a military supercomputer instead of the new game.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018) 

Originally a novel from horror/mystery writer Shirey Jackson, We Have Always Live in the Castle tells the horrors of what happens when a cousin arrives unexpectedly.

​Yogi Bear (2010) 

Sing it with me ruggers, "I know a bear that you all know!" And yes friends, it's Yogi Bear. Join this silly, cute, and fun live-action telling of Yogi Bear.

​You Cannot Hide/ No te puedes esconder (Season 1) 

No matter what she tries, Monica just can't catch a break. Watch the action-thriller Spanish television show, about what happens when a survivor of an abusive and criminal husband becomes the target of a hitman.

October 2

Emily in Paris/Netflix

​A Chaste Marriage 

I've never heard anyone wish their marriages were chaste, and that ladies and gentlemen is where the problem lies. When a guy is forced to marry his childhood best friend, instead of the love of his life, we watch as he decides to settle for his chaste marriage or passionate love affair.

​A Go! Go! Cory Carson Halloween (2020) 

If you're in the mood for a Halloween film with your little one, but you're in no mood for nightmares, this might be what you're looking for. In search of a king-sized candy bar, Cory Carson Halloween is a cute adventure for all ages.

Dick Johnson is Dead (2020) 

That's it. That's the movie. Well, that's the inevitable conclusion of the movie, and now that we know that, follow Dick Johnson as he practices accepting his inevitable demise.

​Emily in Paris (Season 1) 

In a marketing firm in Paris, Emily has accepted a job to give the American perspective. There, drama ensues while trying to navigate her new world and profession.

Oloture (2019) 

Diversify your movie queue with this Nigerian crime drama. When a naïve journalist goes undercover to expose the underground world of human trafficking.

​Serious Men (2020) 

Tormented with his under-privileged societal status, a father capitalizes on his son's newfound fame. Though, the very thing that might save him, could be destroyed by his own hands.

Song Exploder/Netflix

Song Exploder (Season 1) 

Based on the hit podcast, musicians show you their creative process to songwriting, which results in the beautiful tunes that tug on your heart strings or throw you into a fit of rage. Regardless of the emotion it evokes, watch as these artists show you what it's like to be in the studio.

​The Binding (2020) 

The picture alone for this Italian horror film speaks a thousand words. But in case you're not fluent in Italian, here's a translation: if you like horror movies, this is completely for you. After visiting Southern Italy, a mother fights against the supernatural to stop the demonic claim of her child.

You’ve Got This/ Ahi te encargo (2020) 

October 4



After watching a crime lord murder her parents as child, Cataleya joins her contract-killing uncle to avenge her family and finally close the door on her past.

​David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet 

A Life on Our Planet is soon to be a thing of the past. Almost like a real horror film, this tells of the impact human beings have had on the planet and where we will go if we don't fix it.

Pat a Pat Como (Season 1) 

This Korean animated comedy will keep your little ones laughing and egg-cited for the silly adventures to come.

October 6

StarBeam: Halloween Hero/Netflix

​Dolly Parton: Here I Am (2019) 

Did you know that Dolly Parton was the original singer of "I Will Always Love You"? No, well if you thought that was interesting, discover more about the career, life, and music of the eminent Dolly Parton.

​StarBeam: Halloween Hero (2020) 

Here's another cute Halloween show for your little one. And of course, it relates to capturing the monster who steals candy.

October 7

Hubie Halloween (2020) 

​Starring Adam Sandler and Modern Family's Julie Bowen, a man constantly subjected to the ridicule of his hometown community, finds himself saving Halloween and becoming the prime suspect of a murder investigation.

Schitt's Creek (Season 6) 

Stealing the hearts of all, and the Primetime Emmy for every comedic category, Schitt's Creek's final season lands on October 7 to Netflix. Watch the entire series that has everyone grinning from ear to ear.

​To the Lake (Season 1) 

As if 2020 wasn't stressful enough, watch what happens when civilization faces a plague and must struggle to survive.

October 8

The 100/CW Networks

​Palermo Hollywood (2004) 

Everyone knows that when you want to commit a crime, you should only hire those who can keep a secret. Well, almost everyone knows. In this film, when a kidnapping scheme goes wrong and a notorious gangster must discover how to cover his tracks after two petty criminals threaten to expose him.

​Tanda Tanya 

With conflicting religious beliefs, a group must settle their grievances as they undergo the hardships of religious violence.

​The 100 (Season 7) 

After seven seasons and more than one heartache to handle, The 100 fights its last battle. Following burdened hero Clarke Griffin, The 100 tells the story of 100 juvenile prisoners who were sent back to Earth to determine its inhabitability, three generations after a nuclear war. With strong protagonists, exceptional female characters, and deranged villains, The 100 tells a story that will carry on for generations to come. May we meet again.

October 9

​Deaf U (Season 1) 

As unexpected insight into the deaf community, follow a Netflix original reality series of deaf college students living a typical college life.

Fast and Furious Spy Racers (Season 2) 

Watch out. This is not the Fast and Furious you were expecting, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth the watch. Starring Tyler Posey and the amazing Renee Elise Goldsberry, this animated series focuses on a group of teenagers who deal with an organization hell bent on world domination.

Ginny Weds Sunny (2020) 

​In this upcoming Hindi romantic comedy, watch as characters Ginny and Sunny wed.

​Super Monsters: Dia de los Monsters (2020) 

Like the more kid-friendly, animated version of The Descendants, follow the offspring of famous monsters who meet during preschool.

​The Haunting of Bly Manor (Season 1) 

In his second installment of supernatural, horror dramas, Mike Flanagan recycles stars Victoria Pedretti, Kate Siegel, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Henry Thomas to tell a haunting story of a governess hired to look after a man's nieces and nephew in the Bly estate. While there, the governess discovers that the house may be stranger than it seems.

October 12

​Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts 

Adventure fiction might not be your style, but this beautiful show can make it so. When a sheltered girl is thrown into the real world, after a mutant attack, she must learn how to survive on the surface, while leaving her comfort zone in the ground.

October 13

​The Cabin with Bert Kreischer 

In a quest to cleanse one's body, mind, and soul, comedian Bert Kreischer escapes the cabin, with comic friends, in the ultimate form of self-care.

​Octonauts & the Great Barrier Reef 

In this kid's music special, Octonauts must find a way to save his reef from hungry, nefarious worms.

October 14

Alice Junior

​Alice Junior (2019) 

Follow the journey of this transgender teenager who experiences her first love.


If you're going through Korean-band withdrawal, join the club. Though, you might be able to relieve that itch with this film about the record-shattering Korean girl band, BLACKPINK.

Moneyball (2011) 

Characters of Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt team up to revive their baseball team, by challenging traditions, supporting players, and working around their tight budget.

October 15

Love Like the Falling Rain

Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

There is no better hero v. villain story than that of Batman and Joker. In this animated film, watch as Joker further pushes Batman, when he kidnaps Commissioner Gordon.

Brave Blue World: Racing to Solve Our Water Crisis (2019)

Honest and optimistic, this documentary tells of the possible opportunities granted through technology that will help how we manage water.

Love Like the Falling Rain (2020)

Nothing is worse than unrequited love. This film shows the pain and suffering one must endure when in love with your best friend. Should he tell her and risk ruining their friendship, or should he continue to pine in silence?

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2, Part 1)

Despite the time it takes Power Rangers to morph, the show can't help but be lovable. In this new aged Power Rangers, join the rangers as they fight a new-aged computer virus from another dimension.

Rooting for Roona (2020)

This documentary focuses on a baby, Roona Begum, as she fights for her life in India.

October 16

Dream Home Makeover (Season 1)

It's like HGTV and Netflix came together to have a baby and created an inevitably addictive show. With hosts Syd and Shea McGree, follow the 30-minute episodes of the couple creating dream homes.

In a Valley of Violence (2016)

When a short cut becomes anything but, a mysterious drifter and his dog stumble into a valley where, naturally, violence ensues.

La Revolution (Season 1)

What if the French Revolution went differently? What if instead of the French uprising, they died at the hands of nobles overtaken by a murderous virus?

Someone Has to Die/ Alguien tiene que morir (Limited Series)

Not as villainous as its title, the series tells a tale of a young mais summoned home to accept his arranged marriage. Nevertheless, find out what happens when what seems to be a simple arrangement is complicated when he brings a mysterious woman with him.

The Last Kids on Earth (Book 3)

Based on the books of the same name, Jack Sullivan and friends must fight zombies and mutant creatures, all while enjoying their youth.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

Based on the notorious 1969 trial of seven, followed the trial that bewildered and bedazzled the nation and questioned the U.S Government. Written by the renowned Aaron Sorkin, this film is sure to be as witty as it is interesting.

Unfriended (2014)

A friendly online group chat, transforms to horror, when an unknown user, Billie227, joins a group of friends.

October 18


​ParaNorman (2012) 

Possessing the ability to speak with the dead Norman Babcock lives anything but a normal life. When his uncle tells him of the impending dangers of a witch's curse, Norman must use his paranormal abilities to save the land of the living.

October 19

Unsolved Mysteries (Volume 2)

It's frustrating that the mysteries are unsolved, but it's so damn addicting to watch. Unsolved Mysteries is back for its second volume with more head-scratching, bewildering mysteries.

October 20


Carol (2015)

"Flung out of space," 2016's Carol tells of a 1950s forbidden romance between budding photographer, Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) and closeted housewife, Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett). Based on the novel The Price of Salt, this romance will have you in awe of the director and Blanchett's picturesque performances.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again The Frizz Connection (2020)

As if Hamilton's Lin Manuel Miranda writing the theme song isn't enough, Ms. Frizz and kids return for another adventure on the magic school bus.

October 21

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (Season 3)

With already having guests such as President Barack Obama, Tina Fey, and Kanye West, David Letterman returns with his glorious beard and a new line up to die for.

Rebecca (2020)

If you're looking for a horror movie without the gore, this novel-turned-film is sure to capture your attention. Forced to live in her husband's family estate, Mrs. de Winter must uncover the truth about her husband and the wife he once had, Rebecca.

October 22

Bending the Arc (2017)

In hopes of obtaining global health equity, a group of health advocates start a movement to change global health policies for generations to come.

Cadaver (2020)

As if a nuclear disaster weren't enough, a family must deal with the disappearance of guests when they are invited to a "charitable" dinner.

The Hummingbird Project (2018)

In a fiber-optic cable deal, a group of traders hope to earn millions of dollars while competing with their old, more seasoned boss.

Yes, God, Yes (2019)

Like the musical Spring Awakening, this Catholic girl's sexual being is awakened when a friendly conversation online turns hot and heavy.

October 23

Barbarians (Season 1)

German soldiers stop the spread of the Roman empire in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

Over the Moon (2020)

With an all-star cast, Phillipa Soo, Kimiko Glenn, Sandra Oh, and John Cho, this animation of a young, Asian girl who builds a rocket ship and meets a goddess on the moon, will make your heart smile.

Perdida (2018)

After the disappearance of her childhood friend, a police officer returns home to find answers. Though, once she gets too close, she finds that she might have to deal with the same fate of her friend. Whatever that may be.

The Queen's Gambit (Season 1)

Embarking on a quest to become the best chess player in the world, Beth Harmon must overcome addiction before she ruins her lifelong dream.

October 27

Blood of Zeus (Season 1)

Formerly known as Gods & Heroes, comes an upcoming original anime about Zeus as he tries to save Heaven and Earth.

Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt (Season 4)

With tools and his wits, Chico Bon Bon helps solve problems in this animated series.

Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score/ Vilas: Serás lo que debas ser o no seras nada (2020)

This documentary follows renowned tennis player, Guillermo Vilas, as he tries to obtain the No. 1 world seat, after 40 years of demanding the ranking be revised.

October 28

Holidate (2020)

After one too many "when will you get married," or "are you seeing anyone," during the holidays, the idea of getting a holidate wouldn't be too bad. In this film, Sloane and Jackson agree to be one another's "holidates" during their frustrating holiday seasons.

Metallica Through the Never

If you told me that the rock band Metallica was creating a concert film, I wouldn't have believed you. Nevertheless, here the beauty is.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

It's a horror film. Though, it is not. This film shows what happens when you take technology-dependent teenagers and place them in a camp that requires they are offline.

Secrets of Saqqara Tomb (2020)

Follow this real-life adventure of an archaeologist who travels to an ancient tomb in Saqqara to unearth the secrets of Egyptain history.

October 30

Somebody Feed Phil (Season 4)

Traveling around the world to taste its exquisite, extraordinary cuisines, Phillip Rosenthal of Everybody Loves Raymond demands to be fed.

Suburra: Blood on Rome (Season 3)

Inspired by true events, this show follows a real-life political scandal as a community fights for land in a coastal town, near Rome.

October 31

The 12th Man (2017)

If we are on the 12th man, you can bet that it didn't fare well for the other eleven. In this film, follow a Norweigen soldier when his anti-Nazi mission goes wrong and leaves him in enemy land.

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