Tamron Hall Talks Balancing Motherhood And Career
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Tamron Hall Talks Balancing Motherhood And Career

"I don't know what balance feels like. I know what being present feels like."

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Tamron Hall is getting real about the art of balancing motherhood and her career. The award-winning talk show host has a long-standing career as a highly-regarded journalist, but the birth of her son meant she had to make some changes. Tamron welcomed her son Moses in 2019 with her husband Steven Greener and she admitted in an interview with People that having balance is still a challenge.

"I don't know what balance feels like. I know what being present feels like," she said. "So for me, some days I feel that I've succeeded and other days, of course, I feel like I've fallen short of where I want to be as a mom for Moses. But my goal every day is whatever time I have with him to be present, to be there, to put my phone away and give him that time."

And while she tries to be present as much as she can with her son, she still experiences mom guilt when she’s not with him. But knowing that she’s not alone, she believes there’s a way for women to work through those feelings.

"Far too many moms have talked to me on the show about mom guilt and mom shame, which I've also felt. I'm a work in progress. I've felt those same feelings too," she said. "But there's such great advice and such great conversation that we can have with other moms every day to uplift rather than wallow in some of those difficult days. So for me, I don't know what balance feels like. I just know what it feels like to try."

When they do spend time together, she said they enjoy singing and dancing to their favorite songs and gushed how she believes her three-year-old is a little “entertainer.” "Oh boy, listen, this kid loves to sing. I think I have an entertainer on my hands," she said. "He loves singing. He loves dancing. We had to get him a karaoke machine. He has a drum. He loves it, but he's a traditional drummer. He doesn't want anything electric. He doesn't want anything with bells and whistles. He just wants the drum and the sticks. And he's quite the talent I have to say."

Tamron was 47-years-old when she became pregnant with Moses. Prior to that, she struggled with infertility and relied on in vitro fertilization to have a baby. Due to her stressful journey to getting pregnant, the journalist confessed that she was scared that she would lose her unborn child and it was one of the reasons why she waited so long to share the exciting news with the world.

“My doctor said, ‘This is your body, your health. You share of your journey what you want to share,’” she toldPeople in 2019. “I was terrified I would lose this baby and I would have to go back and tell everyone that now it was bad news and after this pregnancy had gone so far.”

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