Naomi Osaka Debuted A New Spring Hair Color That's Sure To Turn Heads
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Naomi Osaka Debuted A New Spring Hair Color That's Sure To Turn Heads

Naomi Osaka is having some fun with her hair just in time for spring. The tennis star debuted pastel pink hair with purple highlights to celebrate the release of her Fortnite character, which is displayed on the billboard behind her. In a series of photos, Naomi is rocking a crochet bucket hat, pink top, black jacket, and black jean shorts.

In the last photo, she is pictured with her sister Mari Osaka who designed the character. Naomi simply captioned the photos, “oh hi 🤗👋🏾💕.” Bright-colored hair such as pink and purple are just one of the many hair trends that we will see this spring.

From envious colors to bold cuts, here are some of the biggest spring hair trends for 2022.

Slick Straight

The slick straight look is such a classic. We’ve seen everyone from Naomi Campbell to the late great Aaliyah rock this hairstyle and it looks like it has some staying power as it’s on-trend for this upcoming season. If you’re a natural girl, you may want to get the look while you can before the summer temperatures turn your pressed locks into frizz.

Beautiful Browns

They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes are having their moment. What’s really cool about the brown hair trend is that it’s not just one color. It’s a perfect concoction of coppers and golden locks all blended in to present a radiant brown color.

No-Fuss Braids

As Black women, we love wearing our braids. From box braids to stitch braids, this style will always be our go-to, but there are simpler braided styles you can achieve. Need to run an errand or have lunch with a friend? You can easily give yourself braided tendrils with your hair pulled back or have a braided updo.

Middle Parts

Middle parts seem to never go out of style. This hair trend took over the runways this year where models were seen rocking the middle part with straight hair, wavy hair, and even a low ponytail.


Saweetie got the jump on this trend after she chopped all of her hair off at the end of last year. Having a bald head in the spring/summer makes you feel cool while everyone else is burning up under all their hair. That’s forward-thinking at its finest.

Low Buns

Another easy hairstyle is the slicked back bun or chignon. This look is pure sophistication and it’s very simple to create.

High Ponytails

We love a high ponytail. They are fashion-forward and make a statement whenever you walk into a room. You can wear a high ponytail straight, wavy, curly, or braided. Either way, you’re sure to turn heads.

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