This Is How A Pisces Pairs With Each Zodiac Sign In Matters Of The Heart

A Pisces can fall in love with anyone. Their capacity to love and create space for others is limitless, making their compatibility with other signs a diverse one. They accept others openly and truly believe in the fairytale type of love.

Pisces in Love & Relationships

Pisces being a water sign is one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac and they wear their heart on their sleeve. Though it can be difficult for Pisces to settle down as they are very aware of all the fish in the sea, and they want to experience it all. They crave deep affection and transparency in a relationship and feel that their partner should be able to fulfill all of their fantasies in life which is not always possible. At the end of the day, however, Pisces has a heart that expands love and makes a relationship a heartfelt one.

Pisces Love Compatibility: Best & Worst Matches in the Zodiac

When it comes to how Pisces love, they exude a sweet type of demeanor toward their partners. A Pisces has a childlike love that is very exciting to potential suitors. They want a love that is for the books, and you can often find a Pisces daydreaming about the possibilities of it all. When an evolved Pisces is in the picture, this is the type of person to be there for you rain or shine and to show you how much they love you every day. An unevolved Pisces can lead you on an emotional rollercoaster and will take some time to find their way.

All in all, Pisces compatibility is a wildcard, but once they are in love, it’s difficult for them to think of anything else.

Who Are Pisces Most Compatible With? 

Pisces + Aries Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Aries together can either be a recipe for disaster or a recipe for success. There is more compatibility between them than noticed right away, however, their differences can often be too substantial in the long haul. Pisces and Aries operate on different playing fields. Aries is energy, and Pisces is emotion. Aries likes to always be on the go, and Pisces likes to take their time while moving through the world. They have a lot of different interests and unless they are willing to learn more about each other and try new things, then this relationship can run dry pretty quickly.

Pisces + Taurus Love Compatibility 

This is a good match. Pisces and Taurus get along well, and this is one of Pisces’ best matches in Astrology. What makes this relationship work so well is the give and take here. These two are both romantics at heart, and Pisces is often swept off their feet by sensual Taurus. Pisces is compassionate, and Taurus is chill. These two aren’t one to rush each other or step on each other's toes, allowing the relationship to grow and form in its own divine time and space. Pisces and Taurus is a relationship that has all the potential to be a forever type of love and these two often make it long-term.

Pisces + Gemini Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Gemini are both mutable signs, and there is an instant connection here. Whether the relationship turns into a romantic one is another story, however, you can’t deny the chemistry between Pisces and Gemini right off the bat. What makes this relationship work is their flexibility and ability to go with the flow and not put too much pressure on the relationship. The downside to this combo is that both signs are a wildcard which can lead to a chaotic relationship. Not to mention, Pisces wants to feel, and Gemini wants to think. They need to understand each other to make the relationship work.

Pisces + Cancer Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Cancer have a relationship that feels like they’ve been soulmates for many lifetimes. Being together is like a breath of fresh air for them because they feel like they are finally with someone that understands them and how they feel. This relationship is a lot of fun and there is a lot of happiness between the two. The only precaution with this union is that together they can be pretty impulsive and tend to rush into this relationship. However, by taking things one step at a time, and enjoying what they are building together, this can be a truly once-in-a-lifetime love.

Pisces + Leo Love Compatibility 

This is an unusual combo, but anything is possible. Pisces and Leo are either attracted to each other or immediately turned off. Leo can come off as too self-centered for Pisces and where most zodiac signs are enamored by this bold sign; Pisces doesn’t get the hype. Pisces is endearing to Leo but they immediately get the feeling that Pisces is too wishy-washy for their strong-willed selves. Pisces’ emotional world can feel too heavy at times for Leo’s spirit and they are often not on the same page. This relationship can get better over time but is not the best match for Pisces at the end of the day.

Pisces + Virgo Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Virgo are the yin and yang of the zodiac. These two are opposite signs, but they both happen to be mutable signs as well which makes for a strong connection. The relationship between Pisces and Virgos is either a hit or a miss. This can be the best relationship they both have as they feel like they are each other’s other halves and like they found their soulmate. Though, these two signs often test each other without even trying as they are both coming from different directions trying to meet each other in the middle. What makes this relationship work is that they are both best friends and lovers, and they truly love and adore each other.

Pisces + Libra Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Libra together is a slippery slope. They have more in common than most water and air sign duos, but the relationship can also be one that’s not as fulfilling for Pisces as they would have hoped. Both of these signs want to be adored and are both very receptive. The challenge with these two is that Pisces likes to be led in love and so does Libra. They can often feel like they aren’t getting what they need in the relationship and like there is no growth, often questioning who is going to make the first move or wondering where each other stands. They are both very compromising and understanding, however, and they can form a sweet connection overall.

Pisces + Scorpio Love Compatibility 

These two believe in love at first sight, and they often experience it when they meet. Scorpio is one of the best matches for Pisces, and these two often make it to the altar. Scorpio has a way of sweeping Pisces off their feet, and Pisces appreciates Scorpio's energy of emotion yet a bit of dominance and confidence. This is a sexy combo, and these two coming together is a recipe for success. With all water and water duos, emotional impulses can get the best of them but if they are both evolved and ready for a committed relationship, then they have found a good partner for that in each other.

Pisces + Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Sagittarius are a fun couple. This couple loves to explore life together, go on vacations, and escape into their own little world. They are fun to be around, and they prefer to keep things light. Not only are these two mutable signs, but they are both also ruled by benevolent Jupiter, making this a lucky duo. While being together they often experience profound insights, good luck, and serendipitous moments. Challenges may arise here, however, when it comes to both of these signs being free spirits as they may never settle down in a way that can bring a strong foundation to the relationship. All in all, this is an inspiring relationship for both of them.

Pisces + Capricorn Love Compatibility 

Capricorn is a really good match for Pisces, and these two are often found in long-term relationships with each other. Pisces experiences harmony with Capricorn who brings the perfect balance of stability and devotion to them. Pisces brings the warmth and sensitivity into this relationship that Capricorn needs to soften up a little, and these two know how to make it work. They both are open to what they want and need within a relationship right away which helps them be on the same page and know what they are moving forward to. These two together also make great manifesters as Capricorn helps Pisces bring their vision into reality, and Pisces helps Capricorn believe in miracles.

Pisces + Aquarius Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Aquarius are the oddballs of the zodiac and they have a connection because of it. These two both live life out of the ordinary, and love all things unique. They appreciate each other’s sense of style and perspective and find a lot of happiness and excitement together. Overall, air signs aren’t the best matches for Pisces, but Aquarius is the most similar to Pisces when it comes to air signs, so these two already have the upper hand there. This relationship will work if Aquarius can drop into their heart more rather than their head and if Pisces can define their values and boundaries in the relationship creating an atmosphere for honesty and stability.

Pisces + Pisces Love Compatibility 

Pisces and Pisces relationships aren’t the most recommended, but they can work if the two signs in question are evolved individuals. When dating someone of the same sign as yourself, there are often a lot of tests and triggers experienced as it's like someone holding up a mirror to you constantly. If these two have already learned a lot in love and have a good sense of self, then they can understand each other and value each other and the connection altogether. Water and water combos can get messy, however, and emotions will run from high to low.

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