Niecy Nash Says She Wants To Interview The Next Woman Her Husband Dates
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Niecy Nash Says She Wants To Interview The Next Woman Her Husband Dates

Two weeks ago, Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker announced their divorce and had us all shook, but according to her, by the time we caught wind of their split, it was old news to her and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Claws actress shared that although she and Jay still very much care about one another, they made the decision to end their romance long before we knew anything about it.

"It was just a part of our lives that we are in, because we are really great friends who still love each other. The love has just transitioned into a different type, and so we just said, 'Let's let the world catch up to where we have already been,' because by the time you get it, the news is real old in our lives."

The couple, who married 8 years ago in an intimate vineyard ceremony in Malibu, says that along with mutual respect and accountability, preserving their friendship has been a priority throughout this process. They initially broke the news of their split in a candid Instagram post that read:

"We believe in the beauty of truth. Always have. Our truth is that in this season of our lives, we are better friends than partners in marriage. Our union was such a gorgeous ride. And as we go our separate ways now, we feel fortunate for the love we share -- present tense."

In a 2011 interview with People after her wedding, Niecy gushed:

"I have to say, this second time around, it feels custom. Even after I got my divorce, the ink wasn't even dry on the paper, and I said, 'Ooh, the next time I become a wife, I got this thing down pat!' I always believed that there was someone built for me."

Not all good things last forever and not all breakups have to be bitter, and this is especially true in Niecy and Jay's case. She told ET:

"For us, it's easy, because we love each other. The love has just taken on a different form, but [he's] always gonna be my friend. Always."

Niecy says she's in no rush to get back on the market and neither is her soon-to-be ex. With both their friendship and her own future in mind, Niecy has one very interesting request for her ex-husband moving forward:

"I would have to interview any girl who's gonna be on his block. I gotta make sure he's taken care of."

In the meantime, the 49-year-old actress says that she plans on keeping her goodies in the jar to focus on doing some serious self-reflection:

"I'm just over here drinking my water and healing. I ain't ready to put all this back on the block. It's too much too soon."

We're sending Niecy and Jay love and light during this difficult time!

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