A Guide To Money Mantras, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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A Guide To Money Mantras, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Connecting to your inner alchemy can create wonders in your life, and will manifest the life of your dreams.


Being a Black woman in this world means being your biggest advocate, no matter who is standing beside you or not. There is something about a Black woman and her power of manifestation that can’t be taught, only felt. It’s something that’s been passed down from our ancestors, from generation to generation, and something that is always within us. Some call it Black Girl Magic, some haven’t been able to define the unique gifts we possess. Working with the energy in your life is imminent in creating the life you desire. Mantras, affirmations, and daily testaments have been proven to work in aiding manifestations for centuries, and are powerful ways of co-creating your reality.

Having a money mantra you can repeat to yourself daily that resonates with your unique perspective and financial goals can help you meet your desires with ease and confidence. Each sign of the zodiac has a unique relationship to its finances and some keywords can positively impact you on your financial journey. Remember that a key component to manifesting is putting in the work and backing your intentions with action. As you are repeating these mantras daily, natural intuitive guidance and insight will begin to come forth on what concrete action to take in addition to the intentions you are putting out there. Connecting to your inner alchemy can create wonders in your life, and will manifest the life of your dreams.

Along with your sun sign, your midheaven sign is your career zone, your success zone, and shows you how you can reach your financial goals in life. When reading your money mantras below, make sure to view your midheaven sign (MC, Medium Coeli) for further insight into aiding in your success story. This is your reminder that you are a powerful soul, there are divine tools and practices available to you at all times, and that anything in life is possible for you.


“The work I do receives instant financial support.”

Aries is a driven soul and is constantly getting itself into new ventures, especially when it comes to business. With Mars being your planetary ruler, you have a gift when it comes to natural drive and energy, and you have what it takes to see your goals through. A good money mantra for you is one that can keep up with your high goals and one that provides a quick return. Remember that patience is key with all manifestations, but using this money mantra can help meet you where you are and provide the more fast returns you are looking for.


“I give and receive freely.

I always have enough.

I always am enough.”

Taurus is the money sign of the zodiac and you are born with more of a gift with money than most. A lot of Tauruses are born into wealth, or the complete opposite which makes them extremely hard-working individuals who strive for this type of financial stability in life. Taurus is one of the most frugal signs of the zodiac, and although you are very giving to your loved ones, you do prefer to have stability more than anything.

However, this energy can do you more harm than good and can keep you in stagnation, feeling like you have to keep everything in, giving you very little breathing room to enjoy what you have accumulated for yourself. For you, having a good flow here and less rigid energy can create space for even more wealth to enter your life.


“My ideas flow effortlessly.

I manifest money through my creative ideas and solutions.”

Gemini is all about the mind, as your planetary ruler is Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication, and business. With your unique gifts in creative ideas, visions, and solutions, you make for a great manifester. All that is needed is putting your good ideas to use and taking concrete steps to back up your intentions. For you, a money mantra that acknowledges how your mind flows and what it can manifest into is key. You are the creative genius of the zodiac and using the power of your mind to manifest is your gift. Repeat this mantra daily, and also remember the intentional action needed to make your dreams come true.


“I am grounded.

I am stable.

I have everything I need.”

Cancer is known to be one of the most emotional zodiac signs, and people often forget how business-savvy you truly are. You work hard towards your goals in life because security means everything to you both emotionally and financially. Your home life is your world, and you understand that money typically equates to your dream home. You work to rest peacefully, and a good money mantra for you helps you gain your ground and get back to the present moment when emotions run high. Being ruled by the Moon, finances can tend to fluctuate as the phases of the Moon do, and having a consistent routine or mantra can help balance and ground this energy.


“I am worthy of financial success and freedom.

I am abundant.”

Financial success for Leo is all about confidence. When you are feeling good, you manifest good, and having a money mantra that reminds you of how worthy you are, does wonders for the Leo soul. With your innate gift of optimism and joy, you shine wherever you go. Putting this energy into your finances can shed light on the prosperity and abundance that is there for you in life, and your money mantra is all about reminding yourself how great you are. No one takes a compliment better than a Leo, and you should be the first one to give yourself that. Use your money mantra daily, and to take this even further, say your money mantra out loud while looking in the mirror.


“I relax, I let go, my finances are in perfect flow.

I am open to receiving money.”

Virgo knows how to create and manifest, being a Mercury-ruled earth sign. Virgo’s make some of the best manifesters, as your energy is one of harvest and what comes about through positive intentions, hard work, and dedication. However, you can be way too hard on yourself at times and be your own biggest critic. A good money mantra for you reminds you to let go, and open up to receive. Your money mantra is here to remind you that you don’t always have to work so hard to receive and that sometimes it’s just about opening up and allowing something to just be given to you freely. Remember that you don’t have to do anything to be worthy of abundance, abundance is your birthright.


“I love what I do.

I am successful in all areas of life.”

Libras when it comes to money are all about what you can do and have with money itself. You want to accumulate wealth so you can live the lavish life of your dreams, but you also wouldn’t mind if someone else was doing the money-making for you. For you to get in the zone of financial wealth, all areas of your life need to be going smoothly for you; especially love, as when your relationships are going well, you feel well on all levels. Your money mantra is about covering all the bases so that you can manifest your goals feeling like you are not leaving out the other important matters of your life as well. Balance is everything for a Libra, and your money mantra puts you into this perspective.


“I am a money magnet.

I attract abundance with ease.”

Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house which is the house of shared finances, inheritances, taxes, and debts. You have an eye for what is going to benefit you financially or not, and your analytical mind is constantly running the numbers. This is why you will find a lot of Scorpios working in banks, accounting, or dealing with data. A good money mantra for your passionate soul acknowledges your need for abundance and empowerment but also highlights the magnetic power you exude. You have a way of luring people or energy to you, and you can use this gift in attracting money and financial wealth into your life as well.


“I manage my finances well,

I am a lucky soul.”

Sagittarius tends to find themselves in the right place, at the right time. Through your optimism and adventurous energy, you attract opportunities for yourself effortlessly in life. For you, your money mantra is all about recognizing your unique gifts of manifestation, but also about grounding this energy so that you always feel like you have enough. You will book a vacation without much thought to it, which can be fun for the soul but may dampen your financial returns in the long run. Balance is everything for you financially, and your money mantra should especially be repeated before making any big purchases or spending on impulse.


“I am a success, and I have the Midas Touch.

Everything I do turns to gold.”

A Capricorn looks at their bank balance the first thing when they wake up. You are not one to beat around the bush when it comes to money, and you also aren’t afraid to ask for what you deserve. Being ruled by the 10th house, the house of success, career goals, and prosperity--you have high ideals in life and this is especially true for you financially. You want to be the best at everything you do, and everything you touch turns to gold. Your money mantra puts you into that energy of knowing how valuable you are, and the fact that everyone wishes they had a Capricorn on their team to get things done and elevate financially.


“The opportunities for me in life are endless.

Wealth constantly flows into my life.”

Aquariuses are aspirational and inspiring souls. You were born with expansive goals and visions for the world, and you have a gift for connecting with the right people who help you get there. A money mantra for you that opens up channels of wealth and prosperity serves you well, and you have a unique way of making things happen for yourself. Aquariuses often surprise people with what their financial world looks like, as they aren’t one to boast. Your money mantra is all about attracting endless opportunities into your life, and being the successful soul you are. Repeat your money mantra while going about your day to help you focus on what you are attracting and focusing on.


“I am grounded in the present moment.

The universe has my back, and always provides for me.”

Pisces manifest from the heart. Being ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, and Jupiter, the planet of success, means that your dreams in life do often come true for you. Why? Because you don’t stop thinking of them. You tend to live in your own world of fantasy, which can be a very good thing when it comes to manifesting. You know there is a force greater than anything out there, and you often rely on this benevolent energy to support you when needed. Your money mantra will help you ground your desires in the present moment, where the universe can meet you halfway.

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Five Things To Know Before Becoming A Dog Mom

This post is in partnership with Blue Buffalo.

So you’re thinking about becoming a dog mom? We love that for you! Having a happy, furry friend to greet you at the door each day, cuddle up on the couch with, and keep you in touch with the great outdoors is one of life’s greatest joys. And that’s before we get into all the cute puppy outfits there are to buy! But there are some key and non-negotiable things to know and consider before saying yes to bringing home a fur baby.

If having a pet is new to you, then naturally you might have tons of questions not only about how this new responsibility will transform your lifestyle, but also about how best to nurture your four-legged friend. Few things compare to the joy and companionship that a dog’s loyalty and love bring, but learning how to nurture and train them is a learning curve that requires equal parts preparation and patience. Once you find your rhythm, you and your furry new boo will form a bond that will add the brightest spark to your life.

If you ask any member of the canine crew you know, they’ll tell you they don't play about their babies! They’ll also probably give you a laundry list of things they wish they knew before bringing their new dog home for the first time. If you’re thinking about opening your doors to a new pup, there are a few things to prepare and assess. With the help of Blue Buffalo, a natural pet food brand trusted by millions of pet parents, we’ve rounded up five key things to know before joining the dog mom club.

1. Staying Active Is Key: Let’s keep it real — we all have days where we want nothing more than a 24-hour Netflix binge fest from the comfort of our couch. That’s especially true on a day where the weather is trash. We feel you on that. However, dog moms should make it a point to keep their pups active each day. Influencer Dynasti Hunt considers her Goldendoodle Aiden part of the family, and she loves to find creative ways to keep him moving rain or shine. “Aiden and I have realized the importance of staying active at home, even when the weather is bad outside,” says Dynasti, who loves spontaneous yoga and dance sessions with her adorable doggie.

2. Keep An Eye On Their Diets: Just like humans, our pals have to maintain a healthy, balanced diet in order to live long and quality lives. You might find it easy to tell what’s healthy to eat for yourself, but it can be a bit trickier to know the difference when it comes to pet food. Just because you see a product label with the words vegetarian, grain-free, or certified organic doesn’t automatically mean it’s the healthiest for your buddy at this particular stage in their life. Finding a trusted pet food brand like Blue Buffalo is key. They offer recipes for specific breed sizes, life stages, needs and preferences — this definitely comes in handy for picky eaters or dietary restrictions. For example, Aiden Da Doodle is allergic to chicken-based products, and thankfully BLUE allows Dynasti to choose from a variety of products that are formulated without chicken.

3: Use Treats Creatively: Are doggie treats the golden ticket to getting your pooch to act right? Yes, but they’re also good for so much more. Treats are great tools for positive reinforcement, whether you’re trying to potty train a young puppy or get them to learn tricks. Influencer Sauve Xavier, an Instagram comedian, who has gained over a million Instagram followers for his hilarious videos with his Dobermans Knox and Bear, says he plans clever scavenger hunts around his house as an incentive to keep his dogs active and challenged. Using BLUE Treats made with healthy ingredients, he’s able to dish out rewards without feeling guilty. Take it from the guy who can actually get his dog to help with chores.

4. Know That Planning Ahead Is Everything: If you are a first-time dog mom or thinking about becoming one, keeping your buddy on a schedule is going to be key. For example, potty-training puppies need to be walked every few hours so that you can keep the habit of going outside in and the possibility of them peeing on your precious rugs out. Most pets also need to be fed twice a day (morning and night.) What does this spell? Sacrifice. You’ll need to be present and arrive home in time to keep your dog’s routine going. So know that you won’t be able to indulge in spontaneous plans the way you might have before. This is most certainly a lifestyle change if you’re used to coming and going as you please, but the reward of raising a well-behaved pup is well worth it. You might also want to think about how you can recruit your partner, roommate, friends, or family to share in the responsibilities for those days when life happens and you’re ever in need of a little dog sitting help. You can also search the web for hired help if you’re in a pinch. Remember — it takes a village to raise a child (even a barking one)! Pro tip: Download the Buddies by Blue Buffalo app to get advice and tricks and plan for your pet parenthood adventures ahead.

5. Research Dog-Friendly Activities in Your Area: As you move about through life, you’ll find yourself looking for more and more dog-friendly places to go and things to do beyond just the local dog parks. Round up a list of bars, breweries, brunch spots, and shopping centers that welcome pups into their establishments. This will allow you to make the most of your days while being able to bring your pup along for the ride. It’ll also create opportunities for you to meet up with other dog moms and dads and arrange future play dates (or real dates with a fellow dog parent? Who knows)!

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