Keke Palmer Says The Key To Having The Game On Lock Is Being Able To Reinvent Yourself

If 2020 is anything like Keke Palmer's 2019, I'll take two, please.

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If 2020 is anything like Keke Palmer's 2019, I'll take two, please.

Keke booked her first major acting gig at only ten years old and after 15 years of staying consistently booked, busy, and 'bout her bag, the multihyphenate mogul sat down with Refinery29's Unbothered and revealed that her secret to having the game on lock for almost two decades is her ability to rebrand and still stay true to her most authentic self. In her interview, Keke dropped hella business-minded gems that we could all put to use in our 2020 money moves.

Here's what we learned:

Rebranding Is Key

I, for one, have grown jaded by the phrase "new year, new you" because it implies that the month of January is a season of sorcery.

This age-old theory suggests that the mark of a new calendar year will magically slay your dragons, clear your slate, and transform you into a new woman, but Keke Palmer knows that the key to success isn't becoming a "new you", it's just reinventing the "you" you already have.

"In anything you do, it's hard to stay passionate and find new ways to invent yourself. So, the fact that I've been doing it for 15 years, but I can still find new ways to reinvent it for me, that's what I'm very thankful for."

It Costs $0.00 To Keep It 100

"Keke is regular as hell. I'm really just your normal girl. I'm your normal friend, your sister, your cousin, your niece, your daughter. I'm just your everyday chick, and I don't try to be anything more than that. And whether people relate in that or detest that, or whether they get that or don't get that, I'm just really trying to be true to me.
"I don't think that I'm servicing anyone if I'm being fake. I am gonna be real because you're safe when you're being real. If you say, 'I don't know how to do that,' then you're not gonna have to go through the pressure of pretending you do. Don't lie to nobody, and then you can relax."

Go With Your Move

Going with your move can be both the most simple and perplexing thing there is to do when we're talking about chasing dreams. There will be ideas you have that others doubt. Hell, there will be ideas you have that you doubt your damn self. But Keke wants you to know that the key to securing a bag is following your gut:

"I truly come from an authentic place with what I'm feeling and what's going to be best for me at that time."

In the interview, Keke discussed being the star of a few viral memes this year and how she chose to capitalize and make what could have been a fleeting moment into a lucrative money move:

"I was like, Oh, so y'all rock with it? Let me get you these T-shirts then. Branding is a big part of creating something that stays with people. You wanna give people something that will last."

Social Media Is Your Playground

"Social media gave me the freedom to express who I was. It allowed me to really engage with my audience in a way where I wasn't under a moral clause or an idea or a brand of someone else. I was able to express my brand through my social media. Without feeling like I had to be around somebody else's guidelines."

Take Your Time, Don’t Waste It

My mom always tells me, "You have more time than money," and in a lot of ways that's true. But it's also true that time is money, sis. And Keke wants you to take it, not waste it on undeserving projects (and people):

"I never rushed anything, and I never felt like I needed to be where other people wanted me to be. And the reason for that is I never wanted to force myself into spaces where people didn't want me, or didn't appreciate me, or didn't understand what I was about. Sometimes we move too fast, and we end up being in situations where people don't truly value us."

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Featured image by Instagram/@KekePalmer.

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